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Double Sided Timing Belt

Double Sided PU Timing-Belt

Double Sided Timing Belts are available in both PU and neoprene. Also dual-sided synchronous belts are offered in both imperial and metric measurements. Double sided toothed belts are used for drives with axles that rotate in opposite directions. Double Sided Teeth Timing Belts come in two standard forms: symmetrical DA and non symmetrical DB:

  • Model DA features a symmetrical arrangement of teeth on both sides.
  • Model DB showcases a staggered arrangement of teeth on both sides.


ZZR PARTS offers a variety of double-sided timing belts such as DH, DL, DXL, D3M, D5M, D8M, D14M, DS5M, DS8M and DS14M series. The double-sided toothed timing belt is meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of synchronous double-sided drives, ensuring precise and reliable power transmission.

Double Sided Metric Timing Belts come with various tooth pitches to suit different industrial applications, ensuring both efficiency and compatibility. The D3M, D5M, D8M and D14M series use metric timing belt pitches, designed specifically for power transmission and motion control precision. The DH, DXL and DL series feature trapezoidal tooth profiles, ideal for heavy-duty operations.. The DH, DXL and DL series feature trapezoidal tooth profiles, making them ideal for heavy-duty operations. The DS series provides a super-strength solution for different applications.

Along with standard sizes, ZZR PARTS offers custom cut widths to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and a good fit for your machinery. This capability of customization offers enhanced flexibility and accuracy across a broad spectrum of applications. 

If you are looking for double sided timing belt suppliers, please contact our sales representatives for more information.










Benefits & Features

  • Low system weight
  • Optimized space requirements due to double-sided toothed belt
  • Low mechanical friction losses for CO₂ reduction
  • Reduced noise when compared with chain drives
  • Eliminates re-tensioning and lubrication, so less labor and maintenance required on drives.
  • Fiberglass tensile cord gives good flex life, high strength and high resistance to extension.
  • Neoprene body protects against moisture, grease, oil and grime.
  • Nylon tooth facing presents long service life by a durable wear surface.
  • Backing provides protection against frictional wear and environmental pollution if power is transmitted from the back of Double Sided Timing Belts.


– Fabric
Elastomer-coated aramide fabric
Oil and media resistant

– Compound
Rubber compound
Resistant to aging (peroxide)
Fiber-coated (aramide)
Oil and media resistant

– Tensile Cord
High strength fiberglass cord
Oil and media resistant elastomer adhesion system


Double Sided Timing Belts are ideal for compressors, textile, money handling, data storage, vacuum cleaners , hand power tools, centrifuges, medical diagnostic, robotics, ticket dispensers, food processors, pumps , conveyors, packaging , laundry, pulp, outdoor power equipment, printing, machine tools, postage equipment, sand, gravel, sewing machines, vending machines, agriculture, wood, office machines, paper, HVAC, oil fields and other applications.


  • What is a double sided timing belt ?

The performance of a double-sided timing belt is the same as a timing belt. Dual sided timing belts have teeth on both sides of the belt, belts serve for dual-directional drive and multi-axis transmission.

Part Number Explanation:

PU Double Sided Timing Belt:

50-T10-DL-1000 ( 50-DT10-1000 )

  • 50 = Width [mm]
  • T10-DL = Double Sided Tooth Profile
  • DT10 = T10-DL
  • 1000 = Pitch Length [mm]

Neoprene Double Sided Timing Belt:

1000-D8M-50 ( D1000-8M-50 )

  • D = Dual Sided
  • 1000 = Pitch Length [mm]
  • D8M = Tooth Profile
  • 50 = Width [mm]