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HTD Timing Belt

Rubber - Single Side

Rubber - Double Sided

PU - Truly Endless

PU - Open


HTD synchronous timing belts are also known as timing belt or toothed belt. HTD represents High Torque Drive. HTD tooth profile includes 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M and 20M. HTD rubber timing belts have greater load capacity than trapezoidal belts. More contact area with the pulley improves performance for HTD belts. Custom widths and sizes available upon request.


HTD belts consist of neoprene body, nylon tooth facing and fiberglass tensile cord.  Tensile cords include kevlar, aramid fiber, steel and carbon fiber.

Fiberglass tensile cords are commonly used.

Aramid (Kevlar) cords have greater tensile strength and stiffness than fiberglass. Kevlar cords are for high-shock applications. 

Steel cords have great tensile stiffness. Steel cords require larger-diameter pulleys, so cannot be installed tightly.

Carbon fiber cords are quite strong, so can carry high torque and power.


HTD 3M and 5M belts are used in the industries such as electric hand tools, office, food process, medical, robotics, vacuum cleaners, data storage, postage and domestic appliances.

HTD 8M, 14M and 20M belts suit machine tool, paper, textile, construction, mining, agriculture and manufacturing industries.