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RPP5M P5M Rubber Synchronous Timing Belts



Rubber Timing Belts
Single Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
3M Rubber Timing Belts
5M Rubber Timing Belts
8M Rubber Timing Belts
14M Rubber Timing Belts
20M Rubber Timing Belts
8YU Rubber Timing Belts
T2.5 Rubber Timing Belts
T5 Rubber Timing Belts
T10 Rubber Timing Belts
L Rubber Timing Belts
XL Rubber Timing Belts
MXL Rubber Timing Belts
H Rubber Timing Belts
XH Rubber Timing Belts
XXH Rubber Timing Belts
1.5GT Rubber Timing Belts
2GT Rubber Timing Belts
3GT Rubber Timing Belts
5GT Rubber Timing Belts
8GT Rubber Timing Belts
GT3 GT2 ( MGT )
8MGT Rubber Timing Belts
14MGT Rubber Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M Rubber Timing Belts
S3M Rubber Timing Belts
S4.5M Rubber Timing Belts
S5M Rubber Timing Belts
S8M Rubber Timing Belts
S14M Rubber Timing Belts
Reinforced Parabolic ( RPP )
P3M Rubber Timing Belts
P5M Rubber Timing Belts
P8M Rubber Timing Belts
P14M Rubber Timing Belts
Double Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
D3M Double Sided Timing Belts
D5M Double Sided Timing Belts
D8M Double Sided Timing Belts
D14M Double Sided Timing Belts
D8YU Double Sided Timing Belts
DT5 Double Sided Timing Belts
DT10 Double Sided Timing Belts
DL Double Sided Timing Belts
DXL Double Sided Timing Belts
DH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXXH Double Sided Timing Belts
GT3 ( MGT )
8MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
14MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
DS3M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS4.5M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS5M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS8M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS14M Double Sided Timing Belts
Open Belts (Linear)
Polyurethane PU Timing Belts
Cast PU ( Molded, Power )
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Timing Belts
5M PU Timing Belts
8M PU Timing Belts
14M PU Timing Belts
Poly Chain
5MGT PU Timing Belts
8MGT PU Timing Belts
14MGT PU Timing Belts
T2.5 PU Timing Belts
T5 PU Timing Belts
T10 PU Timing Belts
T20 PU Timing Belts
AT3 PU Timing Belts
AT5 PU Timing Belts
AT10 PU Timing Belts
AT20 PU Timing Belts
H PU Timing Belts
XH PU Timing Belts
L PU Timing Belts
XL PU Timing Belts
MXL PU Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M PU Timing Belts
S3M PU Timing Belts
S4.5M PU Timing Belts
S5M PU Timing Belts
S8M PU Timing Belts
S14M PU Timing Belts
Thermoplastic PU (Extruded, Endless)
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Timing Belts
5M PU Timing Belts
8M PU Timing Belts
14M PU Timing Belts
Poly Chain
5MGT PU Timing Belts
8MGT PU Timing Belts
14MGT PU Timing Belts
T2.5 PU Timing Belts
T5 PU Timing Belts
T10 PU Timing Belts
T20 PU Timing Belts
AT3 PU Timing Belts
AT5 PU Timing Belts
AT10 PU Timing Belts
AT20 PU Timing Belts
H PU Timing Belts
XH PU Timing Belts
L PU Timing Belts
XL PU Timing Belts
MXL PU Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M PU Timing Belts
S3M PU Timing Belts
S4.5M PU Timing Belts
S5M PU Timing Belts
S8M PU Timing Belts
S14M PU Timing Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
P5M PU Timing Belts
P8M PU Timing Belts
P14M PU Timing Belts
ATN10 PU Timing Belts
ATN20 PU Timing Belts
ATP10 PU Timing Belts
ATP15 PU Timing Belts
Endless PU Flat Belts
P1 PU Timing Belts
P2 PU Timing Belts
P3 PU Timing Belts
P4 PU Timing Belts
PU Double Sided Timing Belts
T5-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
T10-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
PU Open Belts (Linear)
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Open Belts
5M PU Open Belts
8M PU Open Belts
14M PU Open Belts
20M PU Open Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
RPP5M PU Open Belts
RPP8M PU Open Belts
RPP14M PU Open Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S3M PU Open Belts
S5M PU Open Belts
S8M PU Open Belts
S14M PU Open Belts
T2.5 PU Open Belts
T5 PU Open Belts
T10 PU Open Belts
T20 PU Open Belts
AT3 PU Open Belts
AT5 PU Open Belts
AT10 PU Open Belts
AT15 PU Open Belts
AT20 PU Open Belts
H PU Open Belts
XH PU Open Belts
XXH PU Open Belts
L PU Open Belts
XL PU Open Belts
Eagle Belts
Eagle 5M PU Open Belts
Eagle 8M PU Open Belts
Eagle 14M PU Open Belts
ATN10 PU Open Belts
ATN20 PU Open Belts
ATP10 PU Open Belts
ATP15 PU Open Belts
Open Flat Belts
P1 PU Open Belts
P2 PU Open Belts
P3 PU Open Belts
P4 PU Open Belts
Self Tracking PU Belts
Endless Self Tracking PU Belts
Open Self Tracking PU Belts
Coatings, Coverings & Backings
Applications and Solutions
Electric Power Steering Rack Belts
Electric Skateboard and Scooter Belts
Sausage Belts
Meat Slicer Belts
TT5 Circular Knitting Machines Belts
Sewing Machine Lug Belts
Elevator Belts
Flour Mill Belts

RPP5M (UP5M, P5M, 5MPT) timing belts are most commonly offered in widths of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

RPP5M (UP5M, P5M, 5MPT) synchronous belts usually consist of neoprene body, fiberglass cord and nylon tooth facing, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include aramid (kevlar), steel and carbon fiber.

Part NumberLength (mm)Pitch (mm)Width (mm)No. of Teeth
225-P5M-10 | RPP5M22551045
225-P5M-15 | RPP5M22551545
225-P5M-20 | RPP5M22552045
225-P5M-25 | RPP5M22552545
240-P5M-10 | RPP5M24051048
240-P5M-15 | RPP5M24051548
240-P5M-20 | RPP5M24052048
240-P5M-25 | RPP5M24052548
250-P5M-10 | RPP5M25051050
250-P5M-15 | RPP5M25051550
250-P5M-20 | RPP5M25052050
250-P5M-25 | RPP5M25052550
265-P5M-10 | RPP5M26551053
265-P5M-15 | RPP5M26551553
265-P5M-20 | RPP5M26552053
265-P5M-25 | RPP5M26552553
270-P5M-10 | RPP5M27051054
270-P5M-15 | RPP5M27051554
270-P5M-20 | RPP5M27052054
270-P5M-25 | RPP5M27052554
295-P5M-10 | RPP5M29551059
295-P5M-15 | RPP5M29551559
295-P5M-20 | RPP5M29552059
295-P5M-25 | RPP5M29552559
300-P5M-10 | RPP5M30051060
300-P5M-15 | RPP5M30051560
300-P5M-20 | RPP5M30052060
300-P5M-25 | RPP5M30052560
310-P5M-10 | RPP5M31051062
310-P5M-15 | RPP5M31051562
310-P5M-20 | RPP5M31052062
310-P5M-25 | RPP5M31052562
325-P5M-10 | RPP5M32551065
325-P5M-15 | RPP5M32551565
325-P5M-20 | RPP5M32552065
325-P5M-25 | RPP5M32552565
375-P5M-10 | RPP5M37551075
375-P5M-15 | RPP5M37551575
375-P5M-20 | RPP5M37552075
375-P5M-25 | RPP5M37552575
385-P5M-10 | RPP5M38551077
385-P5M-15 | RPP5M38551577
385-P5M-20 | RPP5M38552077
385-P5M-25 | RPP5M38552577
390-P5M-10 | RPP5M39051078
390-P5M-15 | RPP5M39051578
390-P5M-20 | RPP5M39052078
390-P5M-25 | RPP5M39052578
400-P5M-10 | RPP5M40051080
400-P5M-15 | RPP5M40051580
400-P5M-20 | RPP5M40052080
400-P5M-25 | RPP5M40052580
420-P5M-10 | RPP5M42051084
420-P5M-15 | RPP5M42051584
420-P5M-20 | RPP5M42052084
420-P5M-25 | RPP5M42052584
425-P5M-10 | RPP5M42551085
425-P5M-15 | RPP5M42551585
425-P5M-20 | RPP5M42552085
425-P5M-25 | RPP5M42552585
450-P5M-10 | RPP5M45051090
450-P5M-15 | RPP5M45051590
450-P5M-20 | RPP5M45052090
450-P5M-25 | RPP5M45052590
460-P5M-10 | RPP5M46051092
460-P5M-15 | RPP5M46051592
460-P5M-20 | RPP5M46052092
460-P5M-25 | RPP5M46052592
465-P5M-10 | RPP5M46551093
465-P5M-15 | RPP5M46551593
465-P5M-20 | RPP5M46552093
465-P5M-25 | RPP5M46552593
475-P5M-10 | RPP5M47551095
475-P5M-15 | RPP5M47551595
475-P5M-20 | RPP5M47552095
475-P5M-25 | RPP5M47552595
480-P5M-10 | RPP5M48051096
480-P5M-15 | RPP5M48051596
480-P5M-20 | RPP5M48052096
480-P5M-25 | RPP5M48052596
490-P5M-10 | RPP5M49051098
490-P5M-15 | RPP5M49051598
490-P5M-20 | RPP5M49052098
490-P5M-25 | RPP5M49052598
500-P5M-10 | RPP5M500510100
500-P5M-15 | RPP5M500515100
500-P5M-20 | RPP5M500520100
500-P5M-25 | RPP5M500525100
510-P5M-10 | RPP5M510510102
510-P5M-15 | RPP5M510515102
510-P5M-20 | RPP5M510520102
510-P5M-25 | RPP5M510525102
520-P5M-10 | RPP5M520510104
520-P5M-15 | RPP5M520515104
520-P5M-20 | RPP5M520520104
520-P5M-25 | RPP5M520525104
525-P5M-10 | RPP5M525510105
525-P5M-15 | RPP5M525515105
525-P5M-20 | RPP5M525520105
525-P5M-25 | RPP5M525525105
535-P5M-10 | RPP5M535510107
535-P5M-15 | RPP5M535515107
535-P5M-20 | RPP5M535520107
535-P5M-25 | RPP5M535525107
540-P5M-10 | RPP5M540510108
540-P5M-15 | RPP5M540515108
540-P5M-20 | RPP5M540520108
540-P5M-25 | RPP5M540525108
550-P5M-10 | RPP5M550510110
550-P5M-15 | RPP5M550515110
550-P5M-20 | RPP5M550520110
550-P5M-25 | RPP5M550525110
565-P5M-10 | RPP5M565510113
565-P5M-15 | RPP5M565515113
565-P5M-20 | RPP5M565520113
565-P5M-25 | RPP5M565525113
575-P5M-10 | RPP5M575510115
575-P5M-15 | RPP5M575515115
575-P5M-20 | RPP5M575520115
575-P5M-25 | RPP5M575525115
580-P5M-10 | RPP5M580510116
580-P5M-15 | RPP5M580515116
580-P5M-20 | RPP5M580520116
580-P5M-25 | RPP5M580525116
600-P5M-10 | RPP5M600510120
600-P5M-15 | RPP5M600515120
600-P5M-20 | RPP5M600520120
600-P5M-25 | RPP5M600525120
615-P5M-10 | RPP5M615510123
615-P5M-15 | RPP5M615515123
615-P5M-20 | RPP5M615520123
615-P5M-25 | RPP5M615525123
620-P5M-10 | RPP5M620510124
620-P5M-15 | RPP5M620515124
620-P5M-20 | RPP5M620520124
620-P5M-25 | RPP5M620525124
625-P5M-10 | RPP5M625510125
625-P5M-15 | RPP5M625515125
625-P5M-20 | RPP5M625520125
625-P5M-25 | RPP5M625525125
635-P5M-10 | RPP5M635510127
635-P5M-15 | RPP5M635515127
635-P5M-20 | RPP5M635520127
635-P5M-25 | RPP5M635525127
640-P5M-10 | RPP5M640510128
640-P5M-15 | RPP5M640515128
640-P5M-20 | RPP5M640520128
640-P5M-25 | RPP5M640525128
645-P5M-10 | RPP5M645510129
645-P5M-15 | RPP5M645515129
645-P5M-20 | RPP5M645520129
645-P5M-25 | RPP5M645525129
650-P5M-10 | RPP5M650510130
650-P5M-15 | RPP5M650515130
650-P5M-20 | RPP5M650520130
650-P5M-25 | RPP5M650525130
665-P5M-10 | RPP5M665510133
665-P5M-15 | RPP5M665515133
665-P5M-20 | RPP5M665520133
665-P5M-25 | RPP5M665525133
670-P5M-10 | RPP5M670510134
670-P5M-15 | RPP5M670515134
670-P5M-20 | RPP5M670520134
670-P5M-25 | RPP5M670525134
680-P5M-10 | RPP5M680510136
680-P5M-15 | RPP5M680515136
680-P5M-20 | RPP5M680520136
680-P5M-25 | RPP5M680525136
690-P5M-10 | RPP5M690510138
690-P5M-15 | RPP5M690515138
690-P5M-20 | RPP5M690520138
690-P5M-25 | RPP5M690525138
700-P5M-10 | RPP5M700510140
700-P5M-15 | RPP5M700515140
700-P5M-20 | RPP5M700520140
700-P5M-25 | RPP5M700525140
720-P5M-10 | RPP5M720510144
720-P5M-15 | RPP5M720515144
720-P5M-20 | RPP5M720520144
720-P5M-25 | RPP5M720525144
740-P5M-10 | RPP5M740510148
740-P5M-15 | RPP5M740515148
740-P5M-20 | RPP5M740520148
740-P5M-25 | RPP5M740525148
745-P5M-10 | RPP5M745510149
745-P5M-15 | RPP5M745515149
745-P5M-20 | RPP5M745520149
745-P5M-25 | RPP5M745525149
750-P5M-10 | RPP5M750510150
750-P5M-15 | RPP5M750515150
750-P5M-20 | RPP5M750520150
750-P5M-25 | RPP5M750525150
770-P5M-10 | RPP5M770510154
770-P5M-15 | RPP5M770515154
770-P5M-20 | RPP5M770520154
770-P5M-25 | RPP5M770525154
800-P5M-10 | RPP5M800510160
800-P5M-15 | RPP5M800515160
800-P5M-20 | RPP5M800520160
800-P5M-25 | RPP5M800525160
850-P5M-10 | RPP5M850510170
850-P5M-15 | RPP5M850515170
850-P5M-20 | RPP5M850520170
850-P5M-25 | RPP5M850525170
880-P5M-10 | RPP5M880510176
880-P5M-15 | RPP5M880515176
880-P5M-20 | RPP5M880520176
880-P5M-25 | RPP5M880525176
900-P5M-10 | RPP5M900510180
900-P5M-15 | RPP5M900515180
900-P5M-20 | RPP5M900520180
900-P5M-25 | RPP5M900525180
920-P5M-10 | RPP5M920510184
920-P5M-15 | RPP5M920515184
920-P5M-20 | RPP5M920520184
920-P5M-25 | RPP5M920525184
950-P5M-10 | RPP5M950510190
950-P5M-15 | RPP5M950515190
950-P5M-20 | RPP5M950520190
950-P5M-25 | RPP5M950525190
980-P5M-10 | RPP5M980510196
980-P5M-15 | RPP5M980515196
980-P5M-20 | RPP5M980520196
980-P5M-25 | RPP5M980525196
1000-P5M-10 | RPP5M1000510200
1000-P5M-15 | RPP5M1000515200
1000-P5M-20 | RPP5M1000520200
1000-P5M-25 | RPP5M1000525200
1025-P5M-10 | RPP5M1025510205
1025-P5M-15 | RPP5M1025515205
1025-P5M-20 | RPP5M1025520205
1025-P5M-25 | RPP5M1025525205
1145-P5M-10 | RPP5M1145510229
1145-P5M-15 | RPP5M1145515229
1145-P5M-20 | RPP5M1145520229
1145-P5M-25 | RPP5M1145525229
1225-P5M-10 | RPP5M1225510245
1225-P5M-15 | RPP5M1225515245
1225-P5M-20 | RPP5M1225520245
1225-P5M-25 | RPP5M1225525245
1240-P5M-10 | RPP5M1240510248
1240-P5M-15 | RPP5M1240515248
1240-P5M-20 | RPP5M1240520248
1240-P5M-25 | RPP5M1240525248
1330-P5M-10 | RPP5M1330510266
1330-P5M-15 | RPP5M1330515266
1330-P5M-20 | RPP5M1330520266
1330-P5M-25 | RPP5M1330525266
1340-P5M-10 | RPP5M1340510268
1340-P5M-15 | RPP5M1340515268
1340-P5M-20 | RPP5M1340520268
1340-P5M-25 | RPP5M1340525268
1395-P5M-10 | RPP5M1395510279
1395-P5M-15 | RPP5M1395515279
1395-P5M-20 | RPP5M1395520279
1395-P5M-25 | RPP5M1395525279
1595-P5M-10 | RPP5M1595510319
1595-P5M-15 | RPP5M1595515319
1595-P5M-20 | RPP5M1595520319
1595-P5M-25 | RPP5M1595525319
1615-P5M-10 | RPP5M1615510323
1615-P5M-15 | RPP5M1615515323
1615-P5M-20 | RPP5M1615520323
1615-P5M-25 | RPP5M1615525323
1675-P5M-10 | RPP5M1675510335
1675-P5M-15 | RPP5M1675515335
1675-P5M-20 | RPP5M1675520335
1675-P5M-25 | RPP5M1675525335
1690-P5M-10 | RPP5M1690510338
1690-P5M-15 | RPP5M1690515338
1690-P5M-20 | RPP5M1690520338
1690-P5M-25 | RPP5M1690525338
2000-P5M-10 | RPP5M2000510400
2000-P5M-15 | RPP5M2000515400
2000-P5M-20 | RPP5M2000520400
2000-P5M-25 | RPP5M2000525400
2160-P5M-10 | RPP5M2160510432
2160-P5M-15 | RPP5M2160515432
2160-P5M-20 | RPP5M2160520432
2160-P5M-25 | RPP5M2160525432
2250-P5M-10 | RPP5M2250510450
2250-P5M-15 | RPP5M2250515450
2250-P5M-20 | RPP5M2250520450
2250-P5M-25 | RPP5M2250525450
2590-P5M-10 | RPP5M2590510518
2590-P5M-15 | RPP5M2590515518
2590-P5M-20 | RPP5M2590520518
2590-P5M-25 | RPP5M2590525518
2680-P5M-10 | RPP5M2680510536
2680-P5M-15 | RPP5M2680515536
2680-P5M-20 | RPP5M2680520536
2680-P5M-25 | RPP5M2680525536
2725-P5M-10 | RPP5M2725510545
2725-P5M-15 | RPP5M2725515545
2725-P5M-20 | RPP5M2725520545
2725-P5M-25 | RPP5M2725525545
2790-P5M-10 | RPP5M2790510558
2790-P5M-15 | RPP5M2790515558
2790-P5M-20 | RPP5M2790520558
2790-P5M-25 | RPP5M2790525558
2890-P5M-10 | RPP5M2890510578
2890-P5M-15 | RPP5M2890515578
2890-P5M-20 | RPP5M2890520578
2890-P5M-25 | RPP5M2890525578
2990-P5M-10 | RPP5M2990510598
2990-P5M-15 | RPP5M2990515598
2990-P5M-20 | RPP5M2990520598
2990-P5M-25 | RPP5M2990525598
3060-P5M-10 | RPP5M3060510612
3060-P5M-15 | RPP5M3060515612
3060-P5M-20 | RPP5M3060520612
3060-P5M-25 | RPP5M3060525612
3360-P5M-10 | RPP5M3360510672
3360-P5M-15 | RPP5M3360515672
3360-P5M-20 | RPP5M3360520672
3360-P5M-25 | RPP5M3360525672
3500-P5M-10 | RPP5M3500510700
3500-P5M-15 | RPP5M3500515700
3500-P5M-20 | RPP5M3500520700
3500-P5M-25 | RPP5M3500525700
3680-P5M-10 | RPP5M3680510736
3680-P5M-15 | RPP5M3680515736
3680-P5M-20 | RPP5M3680520736
3680-P5M-25 | RPP5M3680525736