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3GT Rubber Synchronous Timing Belts

Belts for Mini Electric E-bike, Bicycle, Skateboard, Scooter, Boosted Board Liftboard Belts ebike Reinforced Aramid Kevlar Cord Ground Go Kart Brose Alpha Jambuster Pulse Charger Sharper Image Spartan Sports Xcooter Dolphin Traveler Master Shine, Kragen Schucks Checker IZIP Buzz Velocity Wahlinger EZ Rider Jeep Bladez Ion, Razor Punk Spartan CityBug Rad2Go Huffy Helper Silver Bomber Heartland America Metro Beatle Fisher-Price Lightning Pac Exkate Powerboard Lark Mobility Bubba TRX Kysor Jet EMAD Exodus eGo Voy ScooterZ PowerQuest Wave Amplifier Bravo Black Box Eboarder Street Jammer Sunpex Tracker Tomb Raider Wizard Zappy Zap Classic Cool Sport Hurricane Vapor Cruiser Bullet Turbo Huffy Hubble, Sears Sporty Star Tornado Mini Variflex City Mantis E-Raser ETEK Force Power Scoot Reflex Rider, Wicked Wave Shocker Rider, Groundhog Shadow Badsey Hot Cobra Viza Minimoto Racer ScooBug Charly Sallor THS Gas Scoota XCaliber Cute HCF, Escort, Nomad, Noricar, Rollin-On, X-Shock, Pacelite, Polaris XPort Viza Vego

3GT timing belts are most commonly offered in widths of 6mm, 9mm and 15mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

3GT synchronous belts usually consist of neoprene body, fiberglass cord and nylon tooth facing, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include aramid (kevlar), steel and carbon fiber.

Part NumberLength (mm)Pitch (mm)Width (mm)No. of Teeth
174-3GT-06 | 174-GT3-061743mm658
174-3GT-09 | 174-GT3-091743mm958
174-3GT-15 | 174-GT3-151743mm1558
207-3GT-06 | 207-GT3-062073mm669
207-3GT-09 | 207-GT3-092073mm969
207-3GT-15 | 207-GT3-152073mm1569
225-3GT-06 | 225-GT3-062253mm675
225-3GT-09 | 225-GT3-092253mm975
225-3GT-15 | 225-GT3-152253mm1575
231-3GT-06 | 231-GT3-062313mm677
231-3GT-09 | 231-GT3-092313mm977
231-3GT-15 | 231-GT3-152313mm1577
252-3GT-06 | 252-GT3-062523mm684
252-3GT-09 | 252-GT3-092523mm984
252-3GT-15 | 252-GT3-152523mm1584
285-3GT-06 | 285-GT3-062853mm695
285-3GT-09 | 285-GT3-092853mm995
285-3GT-15 | 285-GT3-152853mm1595
384-3GT-06 | 384-GT3-063843mm6128
384-3GT-09 | 384-GT3-093843mm9128
384-3GT-15 | 384-GT3-153843mm15128
495-3GT-06 | 495-GT3-064953mm6165
495-3GT-09 | 495-GT3-094953mm9165
495-3GT-15 | 495-GT3-154953mm15165
633-3GT-06 | 633-GT3-066333mm6211
633-3GT-09 | 633-GT3-096333mm9211
633-3GT-15 | 633-GT3-156333mm15211
651-3GT-06 | 651-GT3-066513mm6217
651-3GT-09 | 651-GT3-096513mm9217
651-3GT-15 | 651-GT3-156513mm15217
882-3GT-06 | 882-GT3-068823mm6294
882-3GT-09 | 882-GT3-098823mm9294
882-3GT-15 | 882-GT3-158823mm15294
1113-3GT-06 | 1113-GT3-0611133mm6371
1113-3GT-09 | 1113-GT3-0911133mm9371
1113-3GT-15 | 1113-GT3-1511133mm15371
1335-3GT-06 | 1335-GT3-0613353mm6445
1335-3GT-09 | 1335-GT3-0913353mm9445
1335-3GT-15 | 1335-GT3-1513353mm15445
1374-3GT-06 | 1374-GT3-0613743mm6458
1374-3GT-09 | 1374-GT3-0913743mm9458
1374-3GT-15 | 1374-GT3-1513743mm15458
4200-3GT-06 | 4200-GT3-0642003mm61400
4200-3GT-09 | 4200-GT3-0942003mm91400
4200-3GT-15 | 4200-GT3-1542003mm151400