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VFFS Belts - Draw Down - Suction - Vacuum Timing Belt

VFFS Belt AppecAstro Bosch Brand Eagle Fabrima Fres-co Fuji Gainsborough GIC Hassia Redatron Hayssen Ilapak Iman Pack Ishida Kawashima Kliklok-Woodman Kopas Matrix Mesoma Rovema Sandiacre Sellier & Bellot Simionatio Stiavelli TNA Triangle Volpak
VFFS Belt AppecAstro Bosch Brand Eagle Fabrima Fres-co Fuji Gainsborough GIC Hassia Redatron Hayssen Ilapak Iman Pack Ishida Kawashima Kliklok-Woodman Kopas Matrix Mesoma Rovema Sandiacre Sellier & Bellot Simionatio Stiavelli TNA Triangle Volpak

ZZR produces VFFS timing belts utilizing Neoprene or Polyurethane base belts with a hardness of 90 ShA, available in both metric and inch profiles.

FFS Belts are potential replacement belts for Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines such as AppecAstro, Bosch, Eagle, Fabrima, Fres-co, Fuji, Kopas, Matrix, GIC, Hassia Redatron, Hayssen, Ilapak, Iman Pack, Ishida, Kawashima, Kliklok-Woodman, Gainsborough, Mesoma, Rovema, Sandiacre, Sellier & Bellot, Simionatio, Stiavelli, TNA, Triangle and Volpak.

These VFFS Draw Down Belts are composed of three layers: an endless basic toothed timing belt, adhesive, and a seamless coating with a hardness ranging from 35-45 ShA. We offer various coating options including silicone, rubber, PU and Linatex.

Vacuum Timing Belts usually have profiles of T10, 5M, 8M, S8M, XL, L and H, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

Our vacuumed VFFS timing belts come with a variety of shapes and hole patterns, and our fabrication services include slotting, grinding, grooving and tooth removal.

For customers requiring Suction Belts made from FDA quality materials, we offer VFFS timing belts with a polyurethane base and silicone cover.

Part NumberLengthPitchWidthNo of TeethCoverFit forOEM
50T10-700700mm10mm50mm70custom sizesAppecAstro
50T10-920920mm10mm50mm924.5mmBosch8101825307, 8101825308, 8101844583, 8101845161, 8101857314
30T10-920920mm10mm30mm92custom sizesBosch8101871823, 8101871824
835-5M-60835mm5mm60mm167custom sizesEagle700724R2
25T10-800800mm10mm25mm80custom sizesFabrima500 275 E
40-S8M-560560mm8mm40mm70custom sizesFuji
720-8M-30720mm8mm30mm90custom sizesHayssen10197A0530
1040-8M-301040mm8mm30mm130custom sizesHayssen10197A0534
50T10-530530mm10mm50mm533.4mmIlapakCM17000015, CM17000050
50T10-720720mm10mm50mm723.4mmIlapakCM17000024, CM17000048
50T10-800800mm10mm50mm80custom sizesIlapak3140241801, 3140261018
32T10-610610mm10mm32mm61custom sizesKliklok-Woodman92930
25T10-630630mm10mm25mm63custom sizesKopas
28T10-630630mm10mm28mm63custom sizesKopas
30T10-630630mm10mm30mm63custom sizesKopas
50T10-630630mm10mm50mm63custom sizesKopas
890-5M-25890mm5mm25mm178custom sizesMatrix17097
50T10-630630mm10mm50mm63custom sizesRovema1.,,,, 1133420
40T10-630630mm10mm40mm63custom sizesRovema
30T10-630630mm10mm30mm634.5, 5, 6.4mmRovema1., 1353050
30T10-660660mm10mm30mm66custom sizesSellier & BellotBHV250
50T10-630630mm10mm50mm634.5mmVolpak101A.0402.00.006.003, 101B.0402.00.006.003
285L10028.5"0.375"1"76custom sizesFres-coSS53149
225L10022.5"0.375"1"60custom sizesGainsborough
240H15024"0.500"1.5"48custom sizesGIC
225L15022.5"0.375"1.5"60custom sizesHassia Redatron
280XL09328"0.200"0.93"1406.4mmHayssen10197A0616, 10197A0587
280XL04328"0.200"0.43"1406.4mmHayssen10197A0615, 10197A0562
340XL08134"0.200"0.81"170custom sizesHayssen101A12385
270L10027"0.375"1"727, 9.5mmIlapak1E-520A, CM17000003
300H20030"0.500"2"608mmIman Pack
255H15025.5"0.500"1.5"513mmIshida03-5-044, 51-4896-17
240XL15024"0.200"1.5"1206mmKliklok-Woodman013756P, P0041767
320XL15032"0.200"1.5"160custom sizesKliklok-Woodman83739, 077186, 077187, 123165
340XL17534"0.200"1.75"170custom sizesMatrix57684
225L09322.5"0.375"0.93"606.5mmSandiacre1226BL, 1226, 1226VR
270L09827"0.375"0.98"724.5mmSandiacreBA 137200, BA137200
285L20028.5"0.375"2"76custom sizesSandiacre
367L05036.7"0.375"0.5"984.5, 6mmTNA30-Jun
340XL08134"0.200"0.81"170custom sizesTriangle12385
340XL17534"0.200"1.75"170custom sizesTriangle03326-06
340XL17834"0.200"1.78"170custom sizesTriangle
340XL18034"0.200"1.8"1702mmTriangle03-326-05, 03326-05, 12385


  • Vertical Form Fill and Seal
  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry

Base Belt Options

  • PU Timing Belt
  • Neoprene Timing Belt

Top Coating Options

  • Red Natural Rubber (Linatex Equivalent)
  • Natural rubber (NR)
  • Neoprene (CR)
  • Silicone
  • EPDM
  • Nitrile (NBR)
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Hypalon (CSM)
  • FDA & USDA Approved Rubber Compounds

Key Features

  • Superior operational dependability is ensured by a consistently high coefficient of friction.
  • Extended durability is achieved through exceptional resistance to wear.
  • Customized solutions are feasible through the selection of various materials and virtually limitless specialized manufacturing options.
  • Potential for FDA approval is available.


  • Replacement Parts Available for Leading Manufacturers
  • Consistent Molded Covers Designed to Ensure Even Wear Surfaces, Eliminating Tough Spots for Enhanced Performance
  • Durable Covers Ensuring Consistent Friction Throughout the Belt’s Lifespan
  • Components Preventing Glazing and Providing Optimal Grip
  • Seamless Covers for Enhanced Reliability
  • High Flexibility Without Risk of Cracking or Tearing
  • Superb Resistance to Abrasion, Extending Lifespan
  • Utilization of CNC Equipment to Precisely Machine Holes, Slots, Grooves, and Profiles, Ensuring Long-lasting Performance