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Haul Off Belts - Extrusion Puller


ZZR offers a diverse selection of haul-off belts manufactured on Timing, Poly-V, Flat or Banded-V bases.

Polyurethane haul-off belts demonstrate exceptional performance in terms of minimal wear and resistance to chemicals.
V-section bases are self-centering, removing the necessity for additional belt guides. Different non-marking cover textures provide a range of solutions to meet your process needs effectively.

Haul Off (Caterpillar) Belts are potential replacement belts for cable, wire feeding, cutting, stripping and assembly machines such as komax, schleuniger, artos, eubanks, megomat, metzner, ramatech, carpenter, eraser, spectrum and tekuwa. 

We can build haul off belts with special coatings and processing according to customers’ requirements.

VFFS Belt AppecAstro Bosch Brand Eagle Fabrima Fres-co Fuji Gainsborough GIC Hassia Redatron Hayssen Ilapak Iman Pack Ishida Kawashima Kliklok-Woodman Kopas Matrix Mesoma Rovema Sandiacre Sellier & Bellot Simionatio Stiavelli TNA Triangle Volpak
Haul Off Belts Wire Feeder Cable Pulling Caterpillar Tractor Belts Artos Carpenter Eraser Eubanks Komax Megomat Metzner Ramatech Schleuniger Spectrum Tekuwa
Part NumberLengthPitchNo of TeethWidthCover ThicknessFit for
240-3M240mm3mm80custom sizescustom sizesArtos
500-5M500mm5mm100custom sizescustom sizesArtos
80XL8"0.200"40custom sizescustom sizesArtos
177-3M177mm3mm59custom sizescustom sizesCarpenter
156-3M156mm3mm52custom sizescustom sizesEraser
60XL6"0.200"30custom sizescustom sizesEubanks
80XL8"0.200"40custom sizescustom sizesEubanks
171-S3M171mm3mm57custom sizescustom sizesKomax
AT5-320320mm5mm64custom sizescustom sizesKomax
T5-455455mm5mm91custom sizescustom sizesKomax
T5-455455mm5mm91custom sizescustom sizesMegomat
500-5M500mm5mm100custom sizescustom sizesMetzner
720-RPP8M720mm8mm90custom sizescustom sizesRamatech
110XL11"0.200"55custom sizescustom sizesSchleuniger
325-RPP5M325mm5mm65custom sizescustom sizesSchleuniger
400-RPP5M400mm5mm80custom sizescustom sizesSchleuniger
500-RPP5M500mm5mm100custom sizescustom sizesSchleuniger
80XL8"0.200"40custom sizescustom sizesSchleuniger
T5-255255mm5mm51custom sizescustom sizesSchleuniger
T5-260260mm5mm52custom sizescustom sizesSpectrum
T5-270270mm5mm54custom sizescustom sizesSpectrum

Description of Haul Off Belts

“Haul-offs” are mechanisms consisting of parallel belts driven by pulleys. They are designed to engage both sides of products in progress. Typically, rollers apply appropriate pressure to enable the belts to securely grip and pull the products with controlled force.

They operate in pairs and are individually crafted with a cover layer tailored to match the shape and texture of the product being transported.

A segmented coating, referred to as a “caterpillar,” enhances the belt’s flexibility, enabling it to accommodate smaller pulleys more effectively.

A cord or fabric reinforcement layer is chosen to withstand the pulling force exerted by the belts, while the base layer is tailored to match the profiles of pressure rollers and drive pulleys.

Solutions can be achieved in the profile and plastic extrusion industry and in the cable, pipe and wire industry.

Cable drawing belts are employed in two types of equipment: 

  • Caterpillar machines
  • Capstan machines

Base Belt Options

  • Timing Belt
    • T2.5, T5, AT5, T10, 3M, 5M, 8M, L, XL, H, RPP
  • Poly V Belt
    • PJ, PK, PL, PH
  • Flat Belt
  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane


  • Perforation
  • Slotting
  • Grinding
  • Grooving
  • Tooth removal

Coating Options

  • 35~70 Duro Shore A
  • Excellent Grip
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Non-Marking (Upon Request)
  • Strong Tensile Cord
  • Oil Resistant (Upon Request)
  • Non Marking (Upon Request)
  • Color: Red, White, Black, Green, Yellow
  • Materials that are fitting include:
    • CRC04 Black Neoprene foam (Flexible for the belt to fit small pulleys)
    • PUCC04 Microcellular Polyurethane foam
    • NR40 & NR50 Tan Natural rubbers
    • NR60 & NR70 Red Natural / Synthetic rubbers
    • CR50 & CR60 Black Neoprene rubber
    • PU65 Polyurethane elastomer
    • NRF40 & NRF60 white rubber (for rigid profile; no oils and chemicals contact)
    • NR40XAR Red High abrasion Natural Rubber (no oils and chemicals contact)

Applications of Haul Off Belts

  • Manufacturing of electric cables
  • Production of plastic profiles
  • Production of wire cables
  • Production of pipes


What is haul off extrusion ?

A Haul-off is engineered to consistently pull the profiles produced during the extrusion process. ZZR provides two varieties of haul-offs: belt and caterpillar.

The double belt haul-off, used in PVC profile extrusion lines, is important for pulling profiles. By employing various rubber pads on caterpillars, the haul-off can accommodate profiles of different shapes. The device also features an adjustable draw-off speed tailored to the extrusion process.

What are the different types of haul-off ?

Haul-offs are available in various types, such as Belt, Double Caterpillar and Multiple Caterpillar. Each tailored for specific product diameters and production speeds. Belt haul-offs are well-suited for cables, pipes and wires with smaller diameters, typically ranging from 10mm to 32mm, especially in scenarios requiring high-speed production.

Alternatively, bigger diameter pipes require the use of multiple caterpillar haul-offs or double caterpillar haul-offs. Selecting the right haul-off unit for your specific production line is vital to prevent potential issues and ensure seamless production.

Features of Haul Off Belts

  • Endless – No joints or splicing
  • Thermal Bonding – Guards against cover delamination
  • Bi-Directional – Precision ground covers ensure adaptability
  • Custom Thickness
  • Customized covers available
  • Covers adhere to various materials:
    • Polyurethane
    • Rubber
    • Timing Belt
    • Poly/Micro V Belt
    • Flat Belt
    • Banded Vee
    • Plastic/Nylon