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Spindle Tapes

Spindle Tape, Processing Belts, Power Transmission Belts

Spindle tapes are engineered for traditional ring spinning frames and dual twisters featuring two, four, or eight spindle drives, as well as for the latest high-speed ring spinning frames and high-performance twisters.

Our spindle tapes are utilized globally across the textile industry. Utilizing our comprehensive product range, you can discover the most appropriate spindle tape for your precise application, regardless of its complexity.

In recent years, polyamide spindle tapes have been a crucial participant in ring spinning applications. Through close collaboration with leading machine manufacturers, we continuously strive to improve to ensure that these products consistently meet the latest industry standards.

Spindle tapes were developed through close cooperation with top machine manufacturers and end users located in different countries.
The tapes can manage spindle speeds exceeding 24,000 rpm, without fiber and fluff accumulation, ensure a reliable and long service life.

HABASITNITTAZZR MODELThickness [mm]Traction LayerConveying Side SurfaceMass Weight [kg/sqm]Minimum Pulley Diameter [mm]Tensile Force [N/mm]Nominal Peripheral Force [N/mm]
TS-5KS-100SZTS-50.6Polyamide (PA)Rough Fabric0.551523.5
TS-55KSG-250ZTS-550.9Polyamide (PA)Rough Fabric0.852546.5
W-8 DS-8ZW-80.7Polyester (PET)Rough Fabric0.71576
W-16ZW-160.8Polyester (PET)Rough Fabric0.72577

Spindle Tapes are potential replacement flat belts for Habasit and Nitta.

Spindle Tapes Flat Belts include two different traction layer materials, polyamide [PA] and polyester [PET], while custom materials available upon request.

Spindle Tapes are developed for your specific application requirements in paper manufacturing and processing, yarn processing.


Textile industry

Features of Polyamide Spindle Tapes:

  • Constant yarn quality and spindle speed
  • Long service life
  • High wear resistance of the belt surface
  • Reliable and Robust
  • No fiber accumulation
  • Fast and easy to join

Features of Polyester Spindle Tapes:

  • Minimal energy usage
  • Extended lifespan
  • Consistent spindle speed and yarn quality
  • Quick restart after spindle stoppage
  • Reduced speed loss when spindles are stopped
  • Belt surfaces highly resistant to abrasion
  • No buildup of fibers, eliminating the need for cleaning
  • Easy and rapid joining with the adhesive-free Flexproof method