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Leather Flat Belts

Leather Power Transmission Flat Belts LL LT 10P 14P 20P 28P 40P 54P 65P 80P LL1 LL2 LL3 LL4 LL5 LT1 LT2 LT3 LT4 LT5 LT6 LT7 LT8 1LL 2LL 3LL 4LL 5LL 1LT 2LT 3LT 4LT 5LT 6LT 7LT 8LT

Leather Flat Belts are made of leather. They are employed for transmitting rotational power in industrial machinery and conveyor systems. Leather Flat Belts can be custom made according to customer requirements.

Leather, a traditional material for drive belts, provides an excellent grip surface and high resistance to oil. Leather Flat Belting provides flexibility and strengh.

ZZR MODELHABASITSIEGLINGNITTAThickness [mm]Mass Weight [kg/sqm]Minimum Pulley Diameter [mm]Tensile Force [N/mm]Nominal Peripheral Force [N/mm]
LL1LL 10P3.73.850512
LL2LL 14P44.1757.518.5
LL3LL 20P4.24.31001025
LL4LL 28P4.74.81501537.5
LL5LL 40P5.95.62001640
LT1LT 10P2.72.850512
LT2LT 14P2.93.1757.518.5
LT3LT 20P3.23.41001025
LT4LT 28P3.73.91501537.5
LT5LT 40P4.44.32001640
LT6LT 54P5.55.530021.654
LT7LT 65P5.85.74002665
LT8LT 80P7.27.14003280