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Gas Booster Belts

Flat Gas Booster Belt PU 0/6 4/6 10 11 12 17 18 20/1 elastic

Seamless Gas Booster Belts are potential replacement belts for Secomak and Nu-Way.

Endless Gas Booster Belts are most commonly offered in thicknesses of 1 and 1.5mm, while custom sizes [thicknesses, lengths and widths] are available upon request. 

Seamless Flat Belts usually consist of endless woven polyester fabric coated with PU. These truly endless belts are reliable due to the high performance in any power transmission and conveying application. 

ModelThickness [mm]Width [mm]Length [mm]OEMFit forMass Weight [kg/sqm]Interchange for Esband
1x610x11111610G28-020ENu-Way1PU 11
1x840x20120840G28-017XNu-Way1PU 11
1x890x20120890G28-018GNu-Way1PU 11
1x1040x251251040G28-019HNu-Way1PU 11
1.5x640x12.51.512.5640A11658Secomak1.5PU 12
1.5x830x201.520830A9118Secomak1.5PU 12
1.5x890x201.520890A539Secomak1.5PU 12
1.5x950x201.5209501025-0690Secomak1.5PU 12
1.5x960x201.520960A14652Secomak1.5PU 12
1.5x1100x251.5251100 A9727Secomak1.5PU 12