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P-5120 Endless Flat Belts

P-5120 seamless flat belts are potential replacement belts for Textile, Banking, Materials Handling, Office Equipment, Imaging, Postal, Fiber Optics. Seamless flat belts are applied to Power Transmission, Document Transport, PC Board Conveyor, Light Weight Tube Winders, High Speed Power Transmission, Currency Transport, Drum Drive, Yarn Twister and Spinning Frame. Endless flat belts can be slit and supplied to your exact dimension or can be further fabricated with holes, covers and machined modifications.

Endless flat belt substrates include polyurethane(PU), silicone, rubber and neoprene. Tensile reinforcement options include polyester, aramid Kevlar, cotton, nylon, steel and fiberglass. The construction of the belt is influenced by the application.



ZZR ModelZP-5120Interchange Belt Code for BGKP-5120
Thickness [mm]1.5Minimum Pulley Diameter [mm]20
Tensile Force [N/cm]3500Tensile Force at 1% Elongation [N/cm]400
Tensile ElementPolyesterCoating & HardnessPU 45~95
Anti-StaticPossibleOperating Temp C-20 ~ +80 Degrees C
Surface ColorBlack, Yellow, Grey, White, Red, BlueConveying Side SurfaceSmooth | Rough
Belt TypeSeamless | EndlessPulley Side SurfaceRough
ProcessDipped and Cured Woven EndlessIndustrial ApplicationsDrive belt with low elongation, vibration absorbing.
Used for balancing machines, woodworking machines, metalworking machines.
Normally belt is used with the Polyurethane coated side against pulleys to get optimum grip.

(Note : Custom sizes, colors & materials available upon request)

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