Traditional Seamless Belts

NE 10/133 17 18 20/1 21 22 26 Mini Elastic Checkweigher-Belt All-Fill Alpha AP Dataweigh Bizerba CASI Fairbanks Garvens Ishida Lakewood Loma Marel Mettler-Toledo Ramsey Sartorius Intec Thermo Fisher Scientific Thompson Scale Yamato Heat and Control

Traditional Seamless Flat Belts are designed for Textile, Banking, Materials Handling, Office Equipment, Imaging, Postal, Fiber Optics. Endless Flat Belts are applied to Power Transmission, Document Transport, PC Board Conveyor, Light Weight Tube Winders, High Speed Power Transmission, Currency Transport, Drum Drive, Yarn Twister and Spinning Frame.

Endless Flat Belts can be slit and supplied to your exact dimension or can be further fabricated with holes, covers and machined modifications.

Seamless Flat Belts usually consist of endless woven polyester fabric coated with synthetic rubber, PU or silicone. Rubber is resistant against abrasion. It is antistatic and good for high power transmission. Silicone can provide high temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

Tensile reinforcement options include polyester, aramid Kevlar, cotton, nylon, steel and fiberglass. The construction of the belt is influenced by the application.

ZZR ModelReplacement for Megadyne, HabasitInterchange Belt CodeThickness [inch]Thickness [mm]Mass Weight [kg/sqm]Minimum Diameter [mm]Tensile Force [N/cm]Tensile Force at 1% elongation [N/cm]
JU033/13Panther H HeavyW3001, W3002A, W3005H, W3009, E26310.051.31.419.051610
JU033/09400 PantherW1002A, W1005H, W1009, W1011, 200A0.0350.9115.881811
JU033/06Panther L LightW2002A, W2005H, W20090.0220.60.76.3585
JU033/05Panther VLW4002A, W4005H, W40090.0180.50.64.8353