1054x144x0.95 PU 20/1 Checkweigher Belts

1054x144x0.95 PU 20/1 Checkweigher Seamless Flat Belts are designed for Espera 711096, 711098. Endless Weighing Belts consist of some components. They include traction layer and conveying cover.

Polyester traction layer is well known for its reliability and long belt life. Robust and highly resilient, copes with intermittent overload and high temperatures. Proven PU or Rubber cover with high abrasion resistance. Without splice, seamless belts ensures uniform physical properties during the entire belt life.



Model 1054x144x0.95 Replacement for Esband PU 20/1
Thickness [mm] 0.95 Width [mm] 144
Length [mm] 1054 Mass Weight [kg/sqm] 0.95
Tensile Force [N/cm] 1000 Tensile Force at 1% elongation [N/cm] 230
Smallest Pulley Diameter [mm] 10 Traction Layer Material Woven Polyester [PET] Fabric
Conveying Side Material PU or Rubber Pulley Side Material Woven Polyester [PET] Fabric | PU
Conveying Side Surface Smooth | Rough Pulley Side Surface Rough
Conveying Side Color Green, White, Blue Pulley Side Color Green, White, Blue
Belt Type Seamless Operating Temp C -20 Degrees ~ +80 Degrees C
Antistatically Equipped Possible Operating Temp F -4 Degrees ~ +176 Degrees F
Conveying Side Hardness 80 ShA OEM 711096, 711098
Fit for Espera

(Note : Custom sizes, colors & materials available upon request)