O-2800 have arrow-shaped helical offset tooth profile. O-2800 are potential replacement belts. Timing Belts Belts consist of two components, including polyurethane body and tensile cord (Steel, Kevlar). Polyurethane body is extremely wear and fatigue resistant and highly flexible. Tensile Cords give high flexibility, accuracy and long service life. So bonding of both materials provides high power transmission performance.



ZZR Part NoO-2800-70 | 2800-S14M-70Interchange Eagle, SilentSyncO-2800
Length (mm)2800Length (inch)110.2
No. of Teeth200Pitch (mm)14
Width (mm)70Tensile CordSteel | Kevlar
Tooth Profile 1Arrow-Shaped Helical Offset ToothTooth Profile 2S14M
Belt TypeEndlessOperating Temp C-20 Degrees ~ +85 Degrees C
Body MaterialPolyurethaneOperating Temp F-4 Degrees ~ +185 Degrees F
FabricOn RequestCoatings & CoveringsOn Request
CleatsOn RequestSpecial RequirementsOn Request

Note : Custom sizes, colors & materials available upon request

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