Helical Offset Tooth Belts

SilentSync EAGLE Pd QST 8M 5M 14M arrow-shaped toothed profile, helical offset tooth

Helical Offset Tooth Belts are designed for reduced noise, reduced vibration, and increased efficiency, have increased horsepower and temperature ratings designed to perform. They are potential replacement belts.

Arrow-shaped belts are most commonly offered in widths of 16, 25, 32, 35, 50, 52.5, 64, 70 and 105mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

Helical Offset Tooth is timing belt with arrow-shaped toothed profile. Advantages of double helical offset tooth include noiseless, high precision and reduced vibration. Good choice for horizontal drives.

Helical Offset Tooth polyurethane synchronous belts usually consist of polyurethane body and steel cord, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include aramid (kevlar).

Part NoPitch [mm]ProfileWidth [mm]Length [Meter]
Y-8-PU-168S8M16Custom Sizes
M-8-PU-258S8M25Custom Sizes
W-8-PU-328S8M32Custom Sizes
L-8-PU-508S8M50Custom Sizes
B-14-PU-3514S14M35Custom Sizes
G-14-PU-52.514S14M52.5Custom Sizes
O-14-PU-7014S14M70Custom Sizes
R-14-PU-10514S14M105Custom Sizes


– Helical offset tooth arrow-shaped belts can be used in open-end or spliced configurations in a variety of applications.
– Typical applications for the open-end configuration are in linear motion devices and other drives where precise motion is required.
– Typical applications for the spliced configuration are in light conveyors and other material processing and transfer industries.

Key Features & Benefits

– Polyurethane material resists flaking, has higher dimensional stability and superior wear & abrasion resistance.
– Self-tracking and compact drives.
– Less vibration and reduced noise.
– High flexibility.
– High precision linear positioning.