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Trapezoidal DT5 Double Sided Polyurethane Synchronous Timing Belts



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High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
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Reinforced Parabolic ( RPP )
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Double Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
D3M Double Sided Timing Belts
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D14M Double Sided Timing Belts
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DT10 Double Sided Timing Belts
DL Double Sided Timing Belts
DXL Double Sided Timing Belts
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DXH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXXH Double Sided Timing Belts
GT3 ( MGT )
8MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
14MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
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Thermoplastic PU (Extruded, Endless)
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T5-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
T10-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
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High Torque Drive ( HTD )
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5M PU Open Belts
8M PU Open Belts
14M PU Open Belts
20M PU Open Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
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RPP14M PU Open Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S3M PU Open Belts
S5M PU Open Belts
S8M PU Open Belts
S14M PU Open Belts
T2.5 PU Open Belts
T5 PU Open Belts
T10 PU Open Belts
T20 PU Open Belts
AT3 PU Open Belts
AT5 PU Open Belts
AT10 PU Open Belts
AT15 PU Open Belts
AT20 PU Open Belts
H PU Open Belts
XH PU Open Belts
XXH PU Open Belts
L PU Open Belts
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P2 PU Open Belts
P3 PU Open Belts
P4 PU Open Belts
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Coatings, Coverings & Backings
Applications and Solutions
Electric Power Steering Rack Belts
Electric Skateboard and Scooter Belts
Sausage Belts
Meat Slicer Belts
TT5 Circular Knitting Machines Belts
Sewing Machine Lug Belts
Elevator Belts
Flour Mill Belts
Double Sided PU-Timing-Belt-HTD-STD-T5 T10 AT5 AT10 T20 AT20 L H XL XH 5M 8M 14M S5M S8M S14M P5M P8M P14M

DT5 (T5-DL) PU double sided timing belts are most commonly offered in widths of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

DT5 (T5-DL) double sided polyurethane synchronous belts usually consist of polyurethane body and steel tensile cord, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include Stainless Steel and Kevlar.

Part NumberLength (mm)Pitch (mm)Width (mm)No. of Teeth
DT5-150-6 | 6T5DL-1501505630
DT5-150-8 | 8T5DL-1501505830
DT5-150-10 | 10T5DL-15015051030
DT5-150-12 | 12T5DL-15015051230
DT5-150-15 | 15T5DL-15015051530
DT5-150-16 | 16T5DL-15015051630
DT5-150-20 | 20T5DL-15015052030
DT5-150-25 | 25T5DL-15015052530
DT5-150-32 | 32T5DL-15015053230
DT5-150-50 | 50T5DL-15015055030
DT5-260-6 | 6T5DL-2602605652
DT5-260-8 | 8T5DL-2602605852
DT5-260-10 | 10T5DL-26026051052
DT5-260-12 | 12T5DL-26026051252
DT5-260-15 | 15T5DL-26026051552
DT5-260-16 | 16T5DL-26026051652
DT5-260-20 | 20T5DL-26026052052
DT5-260-25 | 25T5DL-26026052552
DT5-260-32 | 32T5DL-26026053252
DT5-260-50 | 50T5DL-26026055052
DT5-300-6 | 6T5DL-3003005660
DT5-300-8 | 8T5DL-3003005860
DT5-300-10 | 10T5DL-30030051060
DT5-300-12 | 12T5DL-30030051260
DT5-300-15 | 15T5DL-30030051560
DT5-300-16 | 16T5DL-30030051660
DT5-300-20 | 20T5DL-30030052060
DT5-300-25 | 25T5DL-30030052560
DT5-300-32 | 32T5DL-30030053260
DT5-300-50 | 50T5DL-30030055060
DT5-410-6 | 6T5DL-4104105682
DT5-410-8 | 8T5DL-4104105882
DT5-410-10 | 10T5DL-41041051082
DT5-410-12 | 12T5DL-41041051282
DT5-410-15 | 15T5DL-41041051582
DT5-410-16 | 16T5DL-41041051682
DT5-410-20 | 20T5DL-41041052082
DT5-410-25 | 25T5DL-41041052582
DT5-410-32 | 32T5DL-41041053282
DT5-410-50 | 50T5DL-41041055082
DT5-435-6 | 6T5DL-4354355687
DT5-435-8 | 8T5DL-4354355887
DT5-435-10 | 10T5DL-43543551087
DT5-435-12 | 12T5DL-43543551287
DT5-435-15 | 15T5DL-43543551587
DT5-435-16 | 16T5DL-43543551687
DT5-435-20 | 20T5DL-43543552087
DT5-435-25 | 25T5DL-43543552587
DT5-435-32 | 32T5DL-43543553287
DT5-435-50 | 50T5DL-43543555087
DT5-460-6 | 6T5DL-4604605692
DT5-460-8 | 8T5DL-4604605892
DT5-460-10 | 10T5DL-46046051092
DT5-460-12 | 12T5DL-46046051292
DT5-460-15 | 15T5DL-46046051592
DT5-460-16 | 16T5DL-46046051692
DT5-460-20 | 20T5DL-46046052092
DT5-460-25 | 25T5DL-46046052592
DT5-460-32 | 32T5DL-46046053292
DT5-460-50 | 50T5DL-46046055092
DT5-515-6 | 6T5DL-51551556103
DT5-515-8 | 8T5DL-51551558103
DT5-515-10 | 10T5DL-515515510103
DT5-515-12 | 12T5DL-515515512103
DT5-515-15 | 15T5DL-515515515103
DT5-515-16 | 16T5DL-515515516103
DT5-515-20 | 20T5DL-515515520103
DT5-515-25 | 25T5DL-515515525103
DT5-515-32 | 32T5DL-515515532103
DT5-515-50 | 50T5DL-515515550103
DT5-525-6 | 6T5DL-52552556105
DT5-525-8 | 8T5DL-52552558105
DT5-525-10 | 10T5DL-525525510105
DT5-525-12 | 12T5DL-525525512105
DT5-525-15 | 15T5DL-525525515105
DT5-525-16 | 16T5DL-525525516105
DT5-525-20 | 20T5DL-525525520105
DT5-525-25 | 25T5DL-525525525105
DT5-525-32 | 32T5DL-525525532105
DT5-525-50 | 50T5DL-525525550105
DT5-530-6 | 6T5DL-53053056106
DT5-530-8 | 8T5DL-53053058106
DT5-530-10 | 10T5DL-530530510106
DT5-530-12 | 12T5DL-530530512106
DT5-530-15 | 15T5DL-530530515106
DT5-530-16 | 16T5DL-530530516106
DT5-530-20 | 20T5DL-530530520106
DT5-530-25 | 25T5DL-530530525106
DT5-530-32 | 32T5DL-530530532106
DT5-530-50 | 50T5DL-530530550106
DT5-550-6 | 6T5DL-55055056110
DT5-550-8 | 8T5DL-55055058110
DT5-550-10 | 10T5DL-550550510110
DT5-550-12 | 12T5DL-550550512110
DT5-550-15 | 15T5DL-550550515110
DT5-550-16 | 16T5DL-550550516110
DT5-550-20 | 20T5DL-550550520110
DT5-550-25 | 25T5DL-550550525110
DT5-550-32 | 32T5DL-550550532110
DT5-550-50 | 50T5DL-550550550110
DT5-590-6 | 6T5DL-59059056118
DT5-590-8 | 8T5DL-59059058118
DT5-590-10 | 10T5DL-590590510118
DT5-590-12 | 12T5DL-590590512118
DT5-590-15 | 15T5DL-590590515118
DT5-590-16 | 16T5DL-590590516118
DT5-590-20 | 20T5DL-590590520118
DT5-590-25 | 25T5DL-590590525118
DT5-590-32 | 32T5DL-590590532118
DT5-590-50 | 50T5DL-590590550118
DT5-620-6 | 6T5DL-62062056124
DT5-620-8 | 8T5DL-62062058124
DT5-620-10 | 10T5DL-620620510124
DT5-620-12 | 12T5DL-620620512124
DT5-620-15 | 15T5DL-620620515124
DT5-620-16 | 16T5DL-620620516124
DT5-620-20 | 20T5DL-620620520124
DT5-620-25 | 25T5DL-620620525124
DT5-620-32 | 32T5DL-620620532124
DT5-620-50 | 50T5DL-620620550124
DT5-625-6 | 6T5DL-62562556125
DT5-625-8 | 8T5DL-62562558125
DT5-625-10 | 10T5DL-625625510125
DT5-625-12 | 12T5DL-625625512125
DT5-625-15 | 15T5DL-625625515125
DT5-625-16 | 16T5DL-625625516125
DT5-625-20 | 20T5DL-625625520125
DT5-625-25 | 25T5DL-625625525125
DT5-625-32 | 32T5DL-625625532125
DT5-625-50 | 50T5DL-625625550125
DT5-650-6 | 6T5DL-65065056130
DT5-650-8 | 8T5DL-65065058130
DT5-650-10 | 10T5DL-650650510130
DT5-650-12 | 12T5DL-650650512130
DT5-650-15 | 15T5DL-650650515130
DT5-650-16 | 16T5DL-650650516130
DT5-650-20 | 20T5DL-650650520130
DT5-650-25 | 25T5DL-650650525130
DT5-650-32 | 32T5DL-650650532130
DT5-650-50 | 50T5DL-650650550130
DT5-700-6 | 6T5DL-70070056140
DT5-700-8 | 8T5DL-70070058140
DT5-700-10 | 10T5DL-700700510140
DT5-700-12 | 12T5DL-700700512140
DT5-700-15 | 15T5DL-700700515140
DT5-700-16 | 16T5DL-700700516140
DT5-700-20 | 20T5DL-700700520140
DT5-700-25 | 25T5DL-700700525140
DT5-700-32 | 32T5DL-700700532140
DT5-700-50 | 50T5DL-700700550140
DT5-750-6 | 6T5DL-75075056150
DT5-750-8 | 8T5DL-75075058150
DT5-750-10 | 10T5DL-750750510150
DT5-750-12 | 12T5DL-750750512150
DT5-750-15 | 15T5DL-750750515150
DT5-750-16 | 16T5DL-750750516150
DT5-750-20 | 20T5DL-750750520150
DT5-750-25 | 25T5DL-750750525150
DT5-750-32 | 32T5DL-750750532150
DT5-750-50 | 50T5DL-750750550150
DT5-755-6 | 6T5DL-75575556151
DT5-755-8 | 8T5DL-75575558151
DT5-755-10 | 10T5DL-755755510151
DT5-755-12 | 12T5DL-755755512151
DT5-755-15 | 15T5DL-755755515151
DT5-755-16 | 16T5DL-755755516151
DT5-755-20 | 20T5DL-755755520151
DT5-755-25 | 25T5DL-755755525151
DT5-755-32 | 32T5DL-755755532151
DT5-755-50 | 50T5DL-755755550151
DT5-775-6 | 6T5DL-77577556155
DT5-775-8 | 8T5DL-77577558155
DT5-775-10 | 10T5DL-775775510155
DT5-775-12 | 12T5DL-775775512155
DT5-775-15 | 15T5DL-775775515155
DT5-775-16 | 16T5DL-775775516155
DT5-775-20 | 20T5DL-775775520155
DT5-775-25 | 25T5DL-775775525155
DT5-775-32 | 32T5DL-775775532155
DT5-775-50 | 50T5DL-775775550155
DT5-800-6 | 6T5DL-80080056160
DT5-800-8 | 8T5DL-80080058160
DT5-800-10 | 10T5DL-800800510160
DT5-800-12 | 12T5DL-800800512160
DT5-800-15 | 15T5DL-800800515160
DT5-800-16 | 16T5DL-800800516160
DT5-800-20 | 20T5DL-800800520160
DT5-800-25 | 25T5DL-800800525160
DT5-800-32 | 32T5DL-800800532160
DT5-800-50 | 50T5DL-800800550160
DT5-815-6 | 6T5DL-81581556163
DT5-815-8 | 8T5DL-81581558163
DT5-815-10 | 10T5DL-815815510163
DT5-815-12 | 12T5DL-815815512163
DT5-815-15 | 15T5DL-815815515163
DT5-815-16 | 16T5DL-815815516163
DT5-815-20 | 20T5DL-815815520163
DT5-815-25 | 25T5DL-815815525163
DT5-815-32 | 32T5DL-815815532163
DT5-815-50 | 50T5DL-815815550163
DT5-850-6 | 6T5DL-85085056170
DT5-850-8 | 8T5DL-85085058170
DT5-850-10 | 10T5DL-850850510170
DT5-850-12 | 12T5DL-850850512170
DT5-850-15 | 15T5DL-850850515170
DT5-850-16 | 16T5DL-850850516170
DT5-850-20 | 20T5DL-850850520170
DT5-850-25 | 25T5DL-850850525170
DT5-850-32 | 32T5DL-850850532170
DT5-850-50 | 50T5DL-850850550170
DT5-860-6 | 6T5DL-86086056172
DT5-860-8 | 8T5DL-86086058172
DT5-860-10 | 10T5DL-860860510172
DT5-860-12 | 12T5DL-860860512172
DT5-860-15 | 15T5DL-860860515172
DT5-860-16 | 16T5DL-860860516172
DT5-860-20 | 20T5DL-860860520172
DT5-860-25 | 25T5DL-860860525172
DT5-860-32 | 32T5DL-860860532172
DT5-860-50 | 50T5DL-860860550172
DT5-900-6 | 6T5DL-90090056180
DT5-900-8 | 8T5DL-90090058180
DT5-900-10 | 10T5DL-900900510180
DT5-900-12 | 12T5DL-900900512180
DT5-900-15 | 15T5DL-900900515180
DT5-900-16 | 16T5DL-900900516180
DT5-900-20 | 20T5DL-900900520180
DT5-900-25 | 25T5DL-900900525180
DT5-900-32 | 32T5DL-900900532180
DT5-900-50 | 50T5DL-900900550180
DT5-940-6 | 6T5DL-94094056188
DT5-940-8 | 8T5DL-94094058188
DT5-940-10 | 10T5DL-940940510188
DT5-940-12 | 12T5DL-940940512188
DT5-940-15 | 15T5DL-940940515188
DT5-940-16 | 16T5DL-940940516188
DT5-940-20 | 20T5DL-940940520188
DT5-940-25 | 25T5DL-940940525188
DT5-940-32 | 32T5DL-940940532188
DT5-940-50 | 50T5DL-940940550188
DT5-1075-6 | 6T5DL-1075107556215
DT5-1075-8 | 8T5DL-1075107558215
DT5-1075-10 | 10T5DL-10751075510215
DT5-1075-12 | 12T5DL-10751075512215
DT5-1075-15 | 15T5DL-10751075515215
DT5-1075-16 | 16T5DL-10751075516215
DT5-1075-20 | 20T5DL-10751075520215
DT5-1075-25 | 25T5DL-10751075525215
DT5-1075-32 | 32T5DL-10751075532215
DT5-1075-50 | 50T5DL-10751075550215
DT5-1100-6 | 6T5DL-1100110056220
DT5-1100-8 | 8T5DL-1100110058220
DT5-1100-10 | 10T5DL-11001100510220
DT5-1100-12 | 12T5DL-11001100512220
DT5-1100-15 | 15T5DL-11001100515220
DT5-1100-16 | 16T5DL-11001100516220
DT5-1100-20 | 20T5DL-11001100520220
DT5-1100-25 | 25T5DL-11001100525220
DT5-1100-32 | 32T5DL-11001100532220
DT5-1100-50 | 50T5DL-11001100550220
DT5-1160-6 | 6T5DL-1160116056232
DT5-1160-8 | 8T5DL-1160116058232
DT5-1160-10 | 10T5DL-11601160510232
DT5-1160-12 | 12T5DL-11601160512232
DT5-1160-15 | 15T5DL-11601160515232
DT5-1160-16 | 16T5DL-11601160516232
DT5-1160-20 | 20T5DL-11601160520232
DT5-1160-25 | 25T5DL-11601160525232
DT5-1160-32 | 32T5DL-11601160532232
DT5-1160-50 | 50T5DL-11601160550232
DT5-1325-6 | 6T5DL-1325132556265
DT5-1325-8 | 8T5DL-1325132558265
DT5-1325-10 | 10T5DL-13251325510265
DT5-1325-12 | 12T5DL-13251325512265
DT5-1325-15 | 15T5DL-13251325515265
DT5-1325-16 | 16T5DL-13251325516265
DT5-1325-20 | 20T5DL-13251325520265
DT5-1325-25 | 25T5DL-13251325525265
DT5-1325-32 | 32T5DL-13251325532265
DT5-1325-50 | 50T5DL-13251325550265
DT5-1350-6 | 6T5DL-1350135056270
DT5-1350-8 | 8T5DL-1350135058270
DT5-1350-10 | 10T5DL-13501350510270
DT5-1350-12 | 12T5DL-13501350512270
DT5-1350-15 | 15T5DL-13501350515270
DT5-1350-16 | 16T5DL-13501350516270
DT5-1350-20 | 20T5DL-13501350520270
DT5-1350-25 | 25T5DL-13501350525270
DT5-1350-32 | 32T5DL-13501350532270
DT5-1350-50 | 50T5DL-13501350550270
DT5-1520-6 | 6T5DL-1520152056304
DT5-1520-8 | 8T5DL-1520152058304
DT5-1520-10 | 10T5DL-15201520510304
DT5-1520-12 | 12T5DL-15201520512304
DT5-1520-15 | 15T5DL-15201520515304
DT5-1520-16 | 16T5DL-15201520516304
DT5-1520-20 | 20T5DL-15201520520304
DT5-1520-25 | 25T5DL-15201520525304
DT5-1520-32 | 32T5DL-15201520532304
DT5-1520-50 | 50T5DL-15201520550304
DT5-1700-6 | 6T5DL-1700170056340
DT5-1700-8 | 8T5DL-1700170058340
DT5-1700-10 | 10T5DL-17001700510340
DT5-1700-12 | 12T5DL-17001700512340
DT5-1700-15 | 15T5DL-17001700515340
DT5-1700-16 | 16T5DL-17001700516340
DT5-1700-20 | 20T5DL-17001700520340
DT5-1700-25 | 25T5DL-17001700525340
DT5-1700-32 | 32T5DL-17001700532340
DT5-1700-50 | 50T5DL-17001700550340