Postal Pick-Off Belts

Postal Feeder Belt Pick Off Belts Bowe Bell Howell Bosch Kern NEC Pitney Bowes Siemens TEF 22 EPC 040 CR EC ECT ECG 06 SE-A-RN GN NR WN WN-F

Postal Pick-Off Belts are replacement belts for Nitta, Ammeraal Beltech, Habasit, Megadyne and Graf (Hevaloid Crelast).

Seamless Postal Pick-Off Belts are designed for Parcel, Mail and Letter Sorting such as Bowe Bell Howell, Bosch, Kern, NEC, Pitney Bowes, Siemens, Wincor Nixford.

Endless Postal Pickoff Belts are most commonly offered in thicknesses of 7mm and 8mm, while custom sizes (thicknesses, lengths and widths) are available upon request. 

Seamless Flat Feeder Belts usually consist of endless woven polyester fabric coated with synthetic rubber or PU. Rubber is resistant against abrasion. It is antistatic and good for high power transmission.

ZZR ModelThickness [mm]Length [mm]Width [mm]Interchange Belt CodeReplacement forMass Weight [kg/sqm]Conveying Side Hardness
7x426x7.5/19.57 or (2~12)4267.5 or 19.5TEF 22 + EPC 040Ammeraal Beltech940~50 ShA
7x411x7.57 or (2~12)4117.5SE-A-RNNitta940~50 ShA