Capper Belts

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Capper Belts are designed for Resina, Kaps-All, White Cap, Pack West, IMA, MAR, Surekap, National Instrument, Filamatic, New England Machinery (NEM), Pneumatic Scale, ELF, Inline Filling Systems, Accutek, E-Pak Machinery, Acasi Machinery, Newman, Kinsley, Kalish, CAPEM.

Applications include Gripper Belts and Cap Tightening Belt.

Capper Belts usually consist of neoprene body, fiberglass tensile cord and custom cover, while custom materials available upon request. Special materials include polyurethane base, steel cord and aramid (kevlar) cord.

Capper Belts usually have profiles of T5, AT5, 3M, 5M and XL, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

Special requirements include Grooves, Slots and Tooth Removal.

Part NumberLengthPitchWidthNo of TeethCover Thickness
225L07522.5"0.375"0.75"606mm or custom sizess
425-5M-16425mm5mm16mm853mm or custom sizess