Double Sided Timing Belt 1400DXXH400

1400DXXH400 Double Sided Timing Belts are replacement belts. D1400XXH400, 1400-DXXH-400, TP1400XXH400 dual toothed synchronous belts consist of several components, including fiberglass tensile cord, nylon tooth facing, neoprene body and backing. More specifically, belts are protected by neoprene body and backing. The toothed surface is protected by high wear resistant nylon elastic fabric. Fiberglass provides good flex life.

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Part No1400DXXH400 | D1400XXH400No of Teeth112
Length [mm]3556Length [inch]140
Pitch [mm]31.75Pitch [inch]1.250″
Width [mm]101.6Width [inch]4″
ProfileTrapezoidalBelt TypeEndless | Double Sided
Tensile CordFiberglassOperating Temp C-30 Degrees ~ +90 Degrees C
Body MaterialNeopreneOperating Temp F-22 Degrees ~ +194 Degrees F
Tooth FacingNylon FabricTooth ArrangementSymmetrical (DA) | Non-Symmetrical (DB)

(Note: Custom widths, sizes and materials available upon request)

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