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DXH double sided timing belts are most commonly offered in widths of 50.8mm, 76.2mm and 101.6mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

DXH belts usually consist of neoprene body, fiberglass cord and nylon tooth facing, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include aramid (kevlar), steel and carbon fiber

Part NumberLength (inch)Length (mm)Pitch (inch)Pitch (mm)Width (inch)Width (mm)No. of Teeth
420DXH200 | 420DXH-50.8421066.80.875"22.2252"50.848
420DXH300 | 420DXH-76.2421066.80.875"22.2253"76.248
420DXH400 | 420DXH-101.6421066.80.875"22.2254"101.648
463DXH200 | 463DXH-50.846.31176.020.875"22.2252"50.853
463DXH300 | 463DXH-76.246.31176.020.875"22.2253"76.253
463DXH400 | 463DXH-101.646.31176.020.875"22.2254"101.653
473DXH200 | 473DXH-50.847.31201.420.875"22.2252"50.854
473DXH300 | 473DXH-76.247.31201.420.875"22.2253"76.254
473DXH400 | 473DXH-101.647.31201.420.875"22.2254"101.654
506DXH200 | 506DXH-50.850.61285.240.875"22.2252"50.858
506DXH300 | 506DXH-76.250.61285.240.875"22.2253"76.258
506DXH400 | 506DXH-101.650.61285.240.875"22.2254"101.658
507DXH200 | 507DXH-50.850.71287.780.875"22.2252"50.858
507DXH300 | 507DXH-76.250.71287.780.875"22.2253"76.258
507DXH400 | 507DXH-101.650.71287.780.875"22.2254"101.658
508DXH200 | 508DXH-50.850.81290.320.875"22.2252"50.858
508DXH300 | 508DXH-76.250.81290.320.875"22.2253"76.258
508DXH400 | 508DXH-101.650.81290.320.875"22.2254"101.658
533DXH200 | 533DXH-50.853.31353.820.875"22.2252"50.861
533DXH300 | 533DXH-76.253.31353.820.875"22.2253"76.261
533DXH400 | 533DXH-101.653.31353.820.875"22.2254"101.661
534DXH200 | 534DXH-50.853.41356.360.875"22.2252"50.861
534DXH300 | 534DXH-76.253.41356.360.875"22.2253"76.261
534DXH400 | 534DXH-101.653.41356.360.875"22.2254"101.661
560DXH200 | 560DXH-50.8561422.40.875"22.2252"50.864
560DXH300 | 560DXH-76.2561422.40.875"22.2253"76.264
560DXH400 | 560DXH-101.6561422.40.875"22.2254"101.664
570DXH200 | 570DXH-50.8571447.80.875"22.2252"50.865
570DXH300 | 570DXH-76.2571447.80.875"22.2253"76.265
570DXH400 | 570DXH-101.6571447.80.875"22.2254"101.665
580DXH200 | 580DXH-50.8581473.20.875"22.2252"50.866
580DXH300 | 580DXH-76.2581473.20.875"22.2253"76.266
580DXH400 | 580DXH-101.6581473.20.875"22.2254"101.666
586DXH200 | 586DXH-50.858.61488.440.875"22.2252"50.867
586DXH300 | 586DXH-76.258.61488.440.875"22.2253"76.267
586DXH400 | 586DXH-101.658.61488.440.875"22.2254"101.667
595DXH200 | 595DXH-50.859.51511.30.875"22.2252"50.868
595DXH300 | 595DXH-76.259.51511.30.875"22.2253"76.268
595DXH400 | 595DXH-101.659.51511.30.875"22.2254"101.668
604DXH200 | 604DXH-50.860.41534.160.875"22.2252"50.869
604DXH300 | 604DXH-76.260.41534.160.875"22.2253"76.269
604DXH400 | 604DXH-101.660.41534.160.875"22.2254"101.669
605DXH200 | 605DXH-50.860.51536.70.875"22.2252"50.869
605DXH300 | 605DXH-76.260.51536.70.875"22.2253"76.269
605DXH400 | 605DXH-101.660.51536.70.875"22.2254"101.669
610DXH200 | 610DXH-50.8611549.40.875"22.2252"50.870
610DXH300 | 610DXH-76.2611549.40.875"22.2253"76.270
610DXH400 | 610DXH-101.6611549.40.875"22.2254"101.670
630DXH200 | 630DXH-50.8631600.20.875"22.2252"50.872
630DXH300 | 630DXH-76.2631600.20.875"22.2253"76.272
630DXH400 | 630DXH-101.6631600.20.875"22.2254"101.672
648DXH200 | 648DXH-50.864.81645.920.875"22.2252"50.874
648DXH300 | 648DXH-76.264.81645.920.875"22.2253"76.274
648DXH400 | 648DXH-101.664.81645.920.875"22.2254"101.674
665DXH200 | 665DXH-50.866.51689.10.875"22.2252"50.876
665DXH300 | 665DXH-76.266.51689.10.875"22.2253"76.276
665DXH400 | 665DXH-101.666.51689.10.875"22.2254"101.676
700DXH200 | 700DXH-50.87017780.875"22.2252"50.880
700DXH300 | 700DXH-76.27017780.875"22.2253"76.280
700DXH400 | 700DXH-101.67017780.875"22.2254"101.680
735DXH200 | 735DXH-50.873.51866.90.875"22.2252"50.884
735DXH300 | 735DXH-76.273.51866.90.875"22.2253"76.284
735DXH400 | 735DXH-101.673.51866.90.875"22.2254"101.684
752DXH200 | 752DXH-50.875.21910.080.875"22.2252"50.886
752DXH300 | 752DXH-76.275.21910.080.875"22.2253"76.286
752DXH400 | 752DXH-101.675.21910.080.875"22.2254"101.686
761DXH200 | 761DXH-50.876.11932.940.875"22.2252"50.887
761DXH300 | 761DXH-76.276.11932.940.875"22.2253"76.287
761DXH400 | 761DXH-101.676.11932.940.875"22.2254"101.687
770DXH200 | 770DXH-50.8771955.80.875"22.2252"50.888
770DXH300 | 770DXH-76.2771955.80.875"22.2253"76.288
770DXH400 | 770DXH-101.6771955.80.875"22.2254"101.688
800DXH200 | 800DXH-50.88020320.875"22.2252"50.891
800DXH300 | 800DXH-76.28020320.875"22.2253"76.291
800DXH400 | 800DXH-101.68020320.875"22.2254"101.691
820DXH200 | 820DXH-50.8822082.80.875"22.2252"50.894
820DXH300 | 820DXH-76.2822082.80.875"22.2253"76.294
820DXH400 | 820DXH-101.6822082.80.875"22.2254"101.694
840DXH200 | 840DXH-50.8842133.60.875"22.2252"50.896
840DXH300 | 840DXH-76.2842133.60.875"22.2253"76.296
840DXH400 | 840DXH-101.6842133.60.875"22.2254"101.696
850DXH200 | 850DXH-50.88521590.875"22.2252"50.897
850DXH300 | 850DXH-76.28521590.875"22.2253"76.297
850DXH400 | 850DXH-101.68521590.875"22.2254"101.697
870DXH200 | 870DXH-50.8872209.80.875"22.2252"50.899
870DXH300 | 870DXH-76.2872209.80.875"22.2253"76.299
870DXH400 | 870DXH-101.6872209.80.875"22.2254"101.699
901DXH200 | 901DXH-50.890.12288.540.875"22.2252"50.8103
901DXH300 | 901DXH-76.290.12288.540.875"22.2253"76.2103
901DXH400 | 901DXH-101.690.12288.540.875"22.2254"101.6103
910DXH200 | 910DXH-50.8912311.40.875"22.2252"50.8103
910DXH300 | 910DXH-76.2912311.40.875"22.2253"76.2103
910DXH400 | 910DXH-101.6912311.40.875"22.2254"101.6103
980DXH200 | 980DXH-50.8982489.20.875"22.2252"50.8112
980DXH300 | 980DXH-76.2982489.20.875"22.2253"76.2112
980DXH400 | 980DXH-101.6982489.20.875"22.2254"101.6112
1000DXH200 | 1000DXH-50.810025400.875"22.2252"50.8114
1000DXH300 | 1000DXH-76.210025400.875"22.2253"76.2114
1000DXH400 | 1000DXH-101.610025400.875"22.2254"101.6114
1120DXH200 | 1120DXH-50.81122844.80.875"22.2252"50.8128
1120DXH300 | 1120DXH-76.21122844.80.875"22.2253"76.2128
1120DXH400 | 1120DXH-101.61122844.80.875"22.2254"101.6128
1140DXH200 | 1140DXH-50.81142895.60.875"22.2252"50.8130
1140DXH300 | 1140DXH-76.21142895.60.875"22.2253"76.2130
1140DXH400 | 1140DXH-101.61142895.60.875"22.2254"101.6130
1260DXH200 | 1260DXH-50.81263200.40.875"22.2252"50.8144
1260DXH300 | 1260DXH-76.21263200.40.875"22.2253"76.2144
1260DXH400 | 1260DXH-101.61263200.40.875"22.2254"101.6144
1400DXH200 | 1400DXH-50.814035560.875"22.2252"50.8160
1400DXH300 | 1400DXH-76.214035560.875"22.2253"76.2160
1400DXH400 | 1400DXH-101.614035560.875"22.2254"101.6160
1540DXH200 | 1540DXH-50.81543911.60.875"22.2252"50.8176
1540DXH300 | 1540DXH-76.21543911.60.875"22.2253"76.2176
1540DXH400 | 1540DXH-101.61543911.60.875"22.2254"101.6176