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STD DS3M Double Sided Synchronous Timing Belts



Rubber Timing Belts
Single Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
3M Rubber Timing Belts
5M Rubber Timing Belts
8M Rubber Timing Belts
14M Rubber Timing Belts
20M Rubber Timing Belts
8YU Rubber Timing Belts
T2.5 Rubber Timing Belts
T5 Rubber Timing Belts
T10 Rubber Timing Belts
L Rubber Timing Belts
XL Rubber Timing Belts
MXL Rubber Timing Belts
H Rubber Timing Belts
XH Rubber Timing Belts
XXH Rubber Timing Belts
1.5GT Rubber Timing Belts
2GT Rubber Timing Belts
3GT Rubber Timing Belts
5GT Rubber Timing Belts
8GT Rubber Timing Belts
GT3 GT2 ( MGT )
8MGT Rubber Timing Belts
14MGT Rubber Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M Rubber Timing Belts
S3M Rubber Timing Belts
S4.5M Rubber Timing Belts
S5M Rubber Timing Belts
S8M Rubber Timing Belts
S14M Rubber Timing Belts
Reinforced Parabolic ( RPP )
P3M Rubber Timing Belts
P5M Rubber Timing Belts
P8M Rubber Timing Belts
P14M Rubber Timing Belts
Double Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
D3M Double Sided Timing Belts
D5M Double Sided Timing Belts
D8M Double Sided Timing Belts
D14M Double Sided Timing Belts
D8YU Double Sided Timing Belts
DT5 Double Sided Timing Belts
DT10 Double Sided Timing Belts
DL Double Sided Timing Belts
DXL Double Sided Timing Belts
DH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXXH Double Sided Timing Belts
GT3 ( MGT )
8MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
14MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
DS3M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS4.5M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS5M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS8M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS14M Double Sided Timing Belts
Open Belts (Linear)
Polyurethane PU Timing Belts
Cast PU ( Molded, Power )
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Timing Belts
5M PU Timing Belts
8M PU Timing Belts
14M PU Timing Belts
Poly Chain
5MGT PU Timing Belts
8MGT PU Timing Belts
14MGT PU Timing Belts
T2.5 PU Timing Belts
T5 PU Timing Belts
T10 PU Timing Belts
T20 PU Timing Belts
AT3 PU Timing Belts
AT5 PU Timing Belts
AT10 PU Timing Belts
AT20 PU Timing Belts
H PU Timing Belts
XH PU Timing Belts
L PU Timing Belts
XL PU Timing Belts
MXL PU Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M PU Timing Belts
S3M PU Timing Belts
S4.5M PU Timing Belts
S5M PU Timing Belts
S8M PU Timing Belts
S14M PU Timing Belts
Thermoplastic PU (Extruded, Endless)
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Timing Belts
5M PU Timing Belts
8M PU Timing Belts
14M PU Timing Belts
Poly Chain
5MGT PU Timing Belts
8MGT PU Timing Belts
14MGT PU Timing Belts
T2.5 PU Timing Belts
T5 PU Timing Belts
T10 PU Timing Belts
T20 PU Timing Belts
AT3 PU Timing Belts
AT5 PU Timing Belts
AT10 PU Timing Belts
AT20 PU Timing Belts
H PU Timing Belts
XH PU Timing Belts
L PU Timing Belts
XL PU Timing Belts
MXL PU Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M PU Timing Belts
S3M PU Timing Belts
S4.5M PU Timing Belts
S5M PU Timing Belts
S8M PU Timing Belts
S14M PU Timing Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
P5M PU Timing Belts
P8M PU Timing Belts
P14M PU Timing Belts
ATN10 PU Timing Belts
ATN20 PU Timing Belts
ATP10 PU Timing Belts
ATP15 PU Timing Belts
Endless PU Flat Belts
P1 PU Timing Belts
P2 PU Timing Belts
P3 PU Timing Belts
P4 PU Timing Belts
PU Double Sided Timing Belts
T5-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
T10-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
PU Open Belts (Linear)
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Open Belts
5M PU Open Belts
8M PU Open Belts
14M PU Open Belts
20M PU Open Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
RPP5M PU Open Belts
RPP8M PU Open Belts
RPP14M PU Open Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S3M PU Open Belts
S5M PU Open Belts
S8M PU Open Belts
S14M PU Open Belts
T2.5 PU Open Belts
T5 PU Open Belts
T10 PU Open Belts
T20 PU Open Belts
AT3 PU Open Belts
AT5 PU Open Belts
AT10 PU Open Belts
AT15 PU Open Belts
AT20 PU Open Belts
H PU Open Belts
XH PU Open Belts
XXH PU Open Belts
L PU Open Belts
XL PU Open Belts
Eagle Belts
Eagle 5M PU Open Belts
Eagle 8M PU Open Belts
Eagle 14M PU Open Belts
ATN10 PU Open Belts
ATN20 PU Open Belts
ATP10 PU Open Belts
ATP15 PU Open Belts
Open Flat Belts
P1 PU Open Belts
P2 PU Open Belts
P3 PU Open Belts
P4 PU Open Belts
Self Tracking PU Belts
Endless Self Tracking PU Belts
Open Self Tracking PU Belts
Coatings, Coverings & Backings
Applications and Solutions
Electric Power Steering Rack Belts
Electric Skateboard and Scooter Belts
Sausage Belts
Meat Slicer Belts
TT5 Circular Knitting Machines Belts
Sewing Machine Lug Belts
Elevator Belts
Flour Mill Belts

STD DS3M double sided timing belts are most commonly offered in widths of 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 25mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

STD DS3M belts usually consist of neoprene body, fiberglass cord and nylon tooth facing, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include aramid (kevlar), steel and carbon fiber.

Part NumberLength (mm)Pitch (mm)Width (mm)No. of Teeth
402-DS3M-06 | D402-S3M-064023mm6134
402-DS3M-10 | D402-S3M-104023mm10134
402-DS3M-15 | D402-S3M-154023mm15134
402-DS3M-25 | D402-S3M-254023mm25134
420-DS3M-06 | D420-S3M-064203mm6140
420-DS3M-10 | D420-S3M-104203mm10140
420-DS3M-15 | D420-S3M-154203mm15140
420-DS3M-25 | D420-S3M-254203mm25140
432-DS3M-06 | D432-S3M-064323mm6144
432-DS3M-10 | D432-S3M-104323mm10144
432-DS3M-15 | D432-S3M-154323mm15144
432-DS3M-25 | D432-S3M-254323mm25144
435-DS3M-06 | D435-S3M-064353mm6145
435-DS3M-10 | D435-S3M-104353mm10145
435-DS3M-15 | D435-S3M-154353mm15145
435-DS3M-25 | D435-S3M-254353mm25145
444-DS3M-06 | D444-S3M-064443mm6148
444-DS3M-10 | D444-S3M-104443mm10148
444-DS3M-15 | D444-S3M-154443mm15148
444-DS3M-25 | D444-S3M-254443mm25148
447-DS3M-06 | D447-S3M-064473mm6149
447-DS3M-10 | D447-S3M-104473mm10149
447-DS3M-15 | D447-S3M-154473mm15149
447-DS3M-25 | D447-S3M-254473mm25149
453-DS3M-06 | D453-S3M-064533mm6151
453-DS3M-10 | D453-S3M-104533mm10151
453-DS3M-15 | D453-S3M-154533mm15151
453-DS3M-25 | D453-S3M-254533mm25151
456-DS3M-06 | D456-S3M-064563mm6152
456-DS3M-10 | D456-S3M-104563mm10152
456-DS3M-15 | D456-S3M-154563mm15152
456-DS3M-25 | D456-S3M-254563mm25152
459-DS3M-06 | D459-S3M-064593mm6153
459-DS3M-10 | D459-S3M-104593mm10153
459-DS3M-15 | D459-S3M-154593mm15153
459-DS3M-25 | D459-S3M-254593mm25153
465-DS3M-06 | D465-S3M-064653mm6155
465-DS3M-10 | D465-S3M-104653mm10155
465-DS3M-15 | D465-S3M-154653mm15155
465-DS3M-25 | D465-S3M-254653mm25155
468-DS3M-06 | D468-S3M-064683mm6156
468-DS3M-10 | D468-S3M-104683mm10156
468-DS3M-15 | D468-S3M-154683mm15156
468-DS3M-25 | D468-S3M-254683mm25156
480-DS3M-06 | D480-S3M-064803mm6160
480-DS3M-10 | D480-S3M-104803mm10160
480-DS3M-15 | D480-S3M-154803mm15160
480-DS3M-25 | D480-S3M-254803mm25160
486-DS3M-06 | D486-S3M-064863mm6162
486-DS3M-10 | D486-S3M-104863mm10162
486-DS3M-15 | D486-S3M-154863mm15162
486-DS3M-25 | D486-S3M-254863mm25162
492-DS3M-06 | D492-S3M-064923mm6164
492-DS3M-10 | D492-S3M-104923mm10164
492-DS3M-15 | D492-S3M-154923mm15164
492-DS3M-25 | D492-S3M-254923mm25164
501-DS3M-06 | D501-S3M-065013mm6167
501-DS3M-10 | D501-S3M-105013mm10167
501-DS3M-15 | D501-S3M-155013mm15167
501-DS3M-25 | D501-S3M-255013mm25167
510-DS3M-06 | D510-S3M-065103mm6170
510-DS3M-10 | D510-S3M-105103mm10170
510-DS3M-15 | D510-S3M-155103mm15170
510-DS3M-25 | D510-S3M-255103mm25170
513-DS3M-06 | D513-S3M-065133mm6171
513-DS3M-10 | D513-S3M-105133mm10171
513-DS3M-15 | D513-S3M-155133mm15171
513-DS3M-25 | D513-S3M-255133mm25171
516-DS3M-06 | D516-S3M-065163mm6172
516-DS3M-10 | D516-S3M-105163mm10172
516-DS3M-15 | D516-S3M-155163mm15172
516-DS3M-25 | D516-S3M-255163mm25172
519-DS3M-06 | D519-S3M-065193mm6173
519-DS3M-10 | D519-S3M-105193mm10173
519-DS3M-15 | D519-S3M-155193mm15173
519-DS3M-25 | D519-S3M-255193mm25173
525-DS3M-06 | D525-S3M-065253mm6175
525-DS3M-10 | D525-S3M-105253mm10175
525-DS3M-15 | D525-S3M-155253mm15175
525-DS3M-25 | D525-S3M-255253mm25175
528-DS3M-06 | D528-S3M-065283mm6176
528-DS3M-10 | D528-S3M-105283mm10176
528-DS3M-15 | D528-S3M-155283mm15176
528-DS3M-25 | D528-S3M-255283mm25176
537-DS3M-06 | D537-S3M-065373mm6179
537-DS3M-10 | D537-S3M-105373mm10179
537-DS3M-15 | D537-S3M-155373mm15179
537-DS3M-25 | D537-S3M-255373mm25179
540-DS3M-06 | D540-S3M-065403mm6180
540-DS3M-10 | D540-S3M-105403mm10180
540-DS3M-15 | D540-S3M-155403mm15180
540-DS3M-25 | D540-S3M-255403mm25180
558-DS3M-06 | D558-S3M-065583mm6186
558-DS3M-10 | D558-S3M-105583mm10186
558-DS3M-15 | D558-S3M-155583mm15186
558-DS3M-25 | D558-S3M-255583mm25186
564-DS3M-06 | D564-S3M-065643mm6188
564-DS3M-10 | D564-S3M-105643mm10188
564-DS3M-15 | D564-S3M-155643mm15188
564-DS3M-25 | D564-S3M-255643mm25188
573-DS3M-06 | D573-S3M-065733mm6191
573-DS3M-10 | D573-S3M-105733mm10191
573-DS3M-15 | D573-S3M-155733mm15191
573-DS3M-25 | D573-S3M-255733mm25191
579-DS3M-06 | D579-S3M-065793mm6193
579-DS3M-10 | D579-S3M-105793mm10193
579-DS3M-15 | D579-S3M-155793mm15193
579-DS3M-25 | D579-S3M-255793mm25193
582-DS3M-06 | D582-S3M-065823mm6194
582-DS3M-10 | D582-S3M-105823mm10194
582-DS3M-15 | D582-S3M-155823mm15194
582-DS3M-25 | D582-S3M-255823mm25194
585-DS3M-06 | D585-S3M-065853mm6195
585-DS3M-10 | D585-S3M-105853mm10195
585-DS3M-15 | D585-S3M-155853mm15195
585-DS3M-25 | D585-S3M-255853mm25195
588-DS3M-06 | D588-S3M-065883mm6196
588-DS3M-10 | D588-S3M-105883mm10196
588-DS3M-15 | D588-S3M-155883mm15196
588-DS3M-25 | D588-S3M-255883mm25196
594-DS3M-06 | D594-S3M-065943mm6198
594-DS3M-10 | D594-S3M-105943mm10198
594-DS3M-15 | D594-S3M-155943mm15198
594-DS3M-25 | D594-S3M-255943mm25198
597-DS3M-06 | D597-S3M-065973mm6199
597-DS3M-10 | D597-S3M-105973mm10199
597-DS3M-15 | D597-S3M-155973mm15199
597-DS3M-25 | D597-S3M-255973mm25199
600-DS3M-06 | D600-S3M-066003mm6200
600-DS3M-10 | D600-S3M-106003mm10200
600-DS3M-15 | D600-S3M-156003mm15200
600-DS3M-25 | D600-S3M-256003mm25200
612-DS3M-06 | D612-S3M-066123mm6204
612-DS3M-10 | D612-S3M-106123mm10204
612-DS3M-15 | D612-S3M-156123mm15204
612-DS3M-25 | D612-S3M-256123mm25204
630-DS3M-06 | D630-S3M-066303mm6210
630-DS3M-10 | D630-S3M-106303mm10210
630-DS3M-15 | D630-S3M-156303mm15210
630-DS3M-25 | D630-S3M-256303mm25210
633-DS3M-06 | D633-S3M-066333mm6211
633-DS3M-10 | D633-S3M-106333mm10211
633-DS3M-15 | D633-S3M-156333mm15211
633-DS3M-25 | D633-S3M-256333mm25211
660-DS3M-06 | D660-S3M-066603mm6220
660-DS3M-10 | D660-S3M-106603mm10220
660-DS3M-15 | D660-S3M-156603mm15220
660-DS3M-25 | D660-S3M-256603mm25220
666-DS3M-06 | D666-S3M-066663mm6222
666-DS3M-10 | D666-S3M-106663mm10222
666-DS3M-15 | D666-S3M-156663mm15222
666-DS3M-25 | D666-S3M-256663mm25222
675-DS3M-06 | D675-S3M-066753mm6225
675-DS3M-10 | D675-S3M-106753mm10225
675-DS3M-15 | D675-S3M-156753mm15225
675-DS3M-25 | D675-S3M-256753mm25225
690-DS3M-06 | D690-S3M-066903mm6230
690-DS3M-10 | D690-S3M-106903mm10230
690-DS3M-15 | D690-S3M-156903mm15230
690-DS3M-25 | D690-S3M-256903mm25230
699-DS3M-06 | D699-S3M-066993mm6233
699-DS3M-10 | D699-S3M-106993mm10233
699-DS3M-15 | D699-S3M-156993mm15233
699-DS3M-25 | D699-S3M-256993mm25233
738-DS3M-06 | D738-S3M-067383mm6246
738-DS3M-10 | D738-S3M-107383mm10246
738-DS3M-15 | D738-S3M-157383mm15246
738-DS3M-25 | D738-S3M-257383mm25246
741-DS3M-06 | D741-S3M-067413mm6247
741-DS3M-10 | D741-S3M-107413mm10247
741-DS3M-15 | D741-S3M-157413mm15247
741-DS3M-25 | D741-S3M-257413mm25247
750-DS3M-06 | D750-S3M-067503mm6250
750-DS3M-10 | D750-S3M-107503mm10250
750-DS3M-15 | D750-S3M-157503mm15250
750-DS3M-25 | D750-S3M-257503mm25250
765-DS3M-06 | D765-S3M-067653mm6255
765-DS3M-10 | D765-S3M-107653mm10255
765-DS3M-15 | D765-S3M-157653mm15255
765-DS3M-25 | D765-S3M-257653mm25255
804-DS3M-06 | D804-S3M-068043mm6268
804-DS3M-10 | D804-S3M-108043mm10268
804-DS3M-15 | D804-S3M-158043mm15268
804-DS3M-25 | D804-S3M-258043mm25268
819-DS3M-06 | D819-S3M-068193mm6273
819-DS3M-10 | D819-S3M-108193mm10273
819-DS3M-15 | D819-S3M-158193mm15273
819-DS3M-25 | D819-S3M-258193mm25273
852-DS3M-06 | D852-S3M-068523mm6284
852-DS3M-10 | D852-S3M-108523mm10284
852-DS3M-15 | D852-S3M-158523mm15284
852-DS3M-25 | D852-S3M-258523mm25284
879-DS3M-06 | D879-S3M-068793mm6293
879-DS3M-10 | D879-S3M-108793mm10293
879-DS3M-15 | D879-S3M-158793mm15293
879-DS3M-25 | D879-S3M-258793mm25293
900-DS3M-06 | D900-S3M-069003mm6300
900-DS3M-10 | D900-S3M-109003mm10300
900-DS3M-15 | D900-S3M-159003mm15300
900-DS3M-25 | D900-S3M-259003mm25300
918-DS3M-06 | D918-S3M-069183mm6306
918-DS3M-10 | D918-S3M-109183mm10306
918-DS3M-15 | D918-S3M-159183mm15306
918-DS3M-25 | D918-S3M-259183mm25306
936-DS3M-06 | D936-S3M-069363mm6312
936-DS3M-10 | D936-S3M-109363mm10312
936-DS3M-15 | D936-S3M-159363mm15312
936-DS3M-25 | D936-S3M-259363mm25312
1005-DS3M-06 | D1005-S3M-0610053mm6335
1005-DS3M-10 | D1005-S3M-1010053mm10335
1005-DS3M-15 | D1005-S3M-1510053mm15335
1005-DS3M-25 | D1005-S3M-2510053mm25335
1050-DS3M-06 | D1050-S3M-0610503mm6350
1050-DS3M-10 | D1050-S3M-1010503mm10350
1050-DS3M-15 | D1050-S3M-1510503mm15350
1050-DS3M-25 | D1050-S3M-2510503mm25350
1245-DS3M-06 | D1245-S3M-0612453mm6415
1245-DS3M-10 | D1245-S3M-1012453mm10415
1245-DS3M-15 | D1245-S3M-1512453mm15415
1245-DS3M-25 | D1245-S3M-2512453mm25415
1500-DS3M-06 | D1500-S3M-0615003mm6500
1500-DS3M-10 | D1500-S3M-1015003mm10500
1500-DS3M-15 | D1500-S3M-1515003mm15500
1500-DS3M-25 | D1500-S3M-2515003mm25500
1569-DS3M-06 | D1569-S3M-0615693mm6523
1569-DS3M-10 | D1569-S3M-1015693mm10523
1569-DS3M-15 | D1569-S3M-1515693mm15523
1569-DS3M-25 | D1569-S3M-2515693mm25523
1596-DS3M-06 | D1596-S3M-0615963mm6532
1596-DS3M-10 | D1596-S3M-1015963mm10532
1596-DS3M-15 | D1596-S3M-1515963mm15532
1596-DS3M-25 | D1596-S3M-2515963mm25532
2271-DS3M-06 | D2271-S3M-0622713mm6757
2271-DS3M-10 | D2271-S3M-1022713mm10757
2271-DS3M-15 | D2271-S3M-1522713mm15757
2271-DS3M-25 | D2271-S3M-2522713mm25757
2706-DS3M-06 | D2706-S3M-0627063mm6902
2706-DS3M-10 | D2706-S3M-1027063mm10902
2706-DS3M-15 | D2706-S3M-1527063mm15902
2706-DS3M-25 | D2706-S3M-2527063mm25902