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GT2 GT3 8MGT Double Sided Synchronous Timing Belts



Rubber Timing Belts
Single Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
3M Rubber Timing Belts
5M Rubber Timing Belts
8M Rubber Timing Belts
14M Rubber Timing Belts
20M Rubber Timing Belts
8YU Rubber Timing Belts
T2.5 Rubber Timing Belts
T5 Rubber Timing Belts
T10 Rubber Timing Belts
L Rubber Timing Belts
XL Rubber Timing Belts
MXL Rubber Timing Belts
H Rubber Timing Belts
XH Rubber Timing Belts
XXH Rubber Timing Belts
1.5GT Rubber Timing Belts
2GT Rubber Timing Belts
3GT Rubber Timing Belts
5GT Rubber Timing Belts
8GT Rubber Timing Belts
GT3 GT2 ( MGT )
8MGT Rubber Timing Belts
14MGT Rubber Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M Rubber Timing Belts
S3M Rubber Timing Belts
S4.5M Rubber Timing Belts
S5M Rubber Timing Belts
S8M Rubber Timing Belts
S14M Rubber Timing Belts
Reinforced Parabolic ( RPP )
P3M Rubber Timing Belts
P5M Rubber Timing Belts
P8M Rubber Timing Belts
P14M Rubber Timing Belts
Double Sided Timing Belts
High Torque Drive ( HTD ) | 8YU
D3M Double Sided Timing Belts
D5M Double Sided Timing Belts
D8M Double Sided Timing Belts
D14M Double Sided Timing Belts
D8YU Double Sided Timing Belts
DT5 Double Sided Timing Belts
DT10 Double Sided Timing Belts
DL Double Sided Timing Belts
DXL Double Sided Timing Belts
DH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXH Double Sided Timing Belts
DXXH Double Sided Timing Belts
GT3 ( MGT )
8MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
14MGT Double Sided Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
DS3M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS4.5M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS5M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS8M Double Sided Timing Belts
DS14M Double Sided Timing Belts
Open Belts (Linear)
Polyurethane PU Timing Belts
Cast PU ( Molded, Power )
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Timing Belts
5M PU Timing Belts
8M PU Timing Belts
14M PU Timing Belts
Poly Chain
5MGT PU Timing Belts
8MGT PU Timing Belts
14MGT PU Timing Belts
T2.5 PU Timing Belts
T5 PU Timing Belts
T10 PU Timing Belts
T20 PU Timing Belts
AT3 PU Timing Belts
AT5 PU Timing Belts
AT10 PU Timing Belts
AT20 PU Timing Belts
H PU Timing Belts
XH PU Timing Belts
L PU Timing Belts
XL PU Timing Belts
MXL PU Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M PU Timing Belts
S3M PU Timing Belts
S4.5M PU Timing Belts
S5M PU Timing Belts
S8M PU Timing Belts
S14M PU Timing Belts
Thermoplastic PU (Extruded, Endless)
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Timing Belts
5M PU Timing Belts
8M PU Timing Belts
14M PU Timing Belts
Poly Chain
5MGT PU Timing Belts
8MGT PU Timing Belts
14MGT PU Timing Belts
T2.5 PU Timing Belts
T5 PU Timing Belts
T10 PU Timing Belts
T20 PU Timing Belts
AT3 PU Timing Belts
AT5 PU Timing Belts
AT10 PU Timing Belts
AT20 PU Timing Belts
H PU Timing Belts
XH PU Timing Belts
L PU Timing Belts
XL PU Timing Belts
MXL PU Timing Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S2M PU Timing Belts
S3M PU Timing Belts
S4.5M PU Timing Belts
S5M PU Timing Belts
S8M PU Timing Belts
S14M PU Timing Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
P5M PU Timing Belts
P8M PU Timing Belts
P14M PU Timing Belts
ATN10 PU Timing Belts
ATN20 PU Timing Belts
ATP10 PU Timing Belts
ATP15 PU Timing Belts
Endless PU Flat Belts
P1 PU Timing Belts
P2 PU Timing Belts
P3 PU Timing Belts
P4 PU Timing Belts
PU Double Sided Timing Belts
T5-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
T10-DL Double Sided PU Timing Belts
PU Open Belts (Linear)
High Torque Drive ( HTD )
3M PU Open Belts
5M PU Open Belts
8M PU Open Belts
14M PU Open Belts
20M PU Open Belts
RPP PU Timing Belts
RPP5M PU Open Belts
RPP8M PU Open Belts
RPP14M PU Open Belts
Super Torque Drive ( STD )
S3M PU Open Belts
S5M PU Open Belts
S8M PU Open Belts
S14M PU Open Belts
T2.5 PU Open Belts
T5 PU Open Belts
T10 PU Open Belts
T20 PU Open Belts
AT3 PU Open Belts
AT5 PU Open Belts
AT10 PU Open Belts
AT15 PU Open Belts
AT20 PU Open Belts
H PU Open Belts
XH PU Open Belts
XXH PU Open Belts
L PU Open Belts
XL PU Open Belts
Eagle Belts
Eagle 5M PU Open Belts
Eagle 8M PU Open Belts
Eagle 14M PU Open Belts
ATN10 PU Open Belts
ATN20 PU Open Belts
ATP10 PU Open Belts
ATP15 PU Open Belts
Open Flat Belts
P1 PU Open Belts
P2 PU Open Belts
P3 PU Open Belts
P4 PU Open Belts
Self Tracking PU Belts
Endless Self Tracking PU Belts
Open Self Tracking PU Belts
Coatings, Coverings & Backings
Applications and Solutions
Electric Power Steering Rack Belts
Electric Skateboard and Scooter Belts
Sausage Belts
Meat Slicer Belts
TT5 Circular Knitting Machines Belts
Sewing Machine Lug Belts
Elevator Belts
Flour Mill Belts

8MGT GT3 double sided timing belts are most commonly offered in widths of 12mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm and 85mm, while custom sizes (lengths, widths and pitches) are available upon request. 

8MGT GT3 belts usually consist of neoprene body, fiberglass cord and nylon tooth facing, while custom materials available upon request. Special cords include aramid (kevlar), steel and carbon fiber

Part NumberLength (mm)Pitch (mm)Width (mm)No. of Teeth
384-8MGT-12 | TP384-8MGT-123848mm1248
384-8MGT-20 | TP384-8MGT-203848mm2048
384-8MGT-30 | TP384-8MGT-303848mm3048
384-8MGT-50 | TP384-8MGT-503848mm5048
384-8MGT-85 | TP384-8MGT-853848mm8548
480-8MGT-12 | TP480-8MGT-124808mm1260
480-8MGT-20 | TP480-8MGT-204808mm2060
480-8MGT-30 | TP480-8MGT-304808mm3060
480-8MGT-50 | TP480-8MGT-504808mm5060
480-8MGT-85 | TP480-8MGT-854808mm8560
560-8MGT-12 | TP560-8MGT-125608mm1270
560-8MGT-20 | TP560-8MGT-205608mm2070
560-8MGT-30 | TP560-8MGT-305608mm3070
560-8MGT-50 | TP560-8MGT-505608mm5070
560-8MGT-85 | TP560-8MGT-855608mm8570
600-8MGT-12 | TP600-8MGT-126008mm1275
600-8MGT-20 | TP600-8MGT-206008mm2075
600-8MGT-30 | TP600-8MGT-306008mm3075
600-8MGT-50 | TP600-8MGT-506008mm5075
600-8MGT-85 | TP600-8MGT-856008mm8575
640-8MGT-12 | TP640-8MGT-126408mm1280
640-8MGT-20 | TP640-8MGT-206408mm2080
640-8MGT-30 | TP640-8MGT-306408mm3080
640-8MGT-50 | TP640-8MGT-506408mm5080
640-8MGT-85 | TP640-8MGT-856408mm8580
720-8MGT-12 | TP720-8MGT-127208mm1290
720-8MGT-20 | TP720-8MGT-207208mm2090
720-8MGT-30 | TP720-8MGT-307208mm3090
720-8MGT-50 | TP720-8MGT-507208mm5090
720-8MGT-85 | TP720-8MGT-857208mm8590
800-8MGT-12 | TP800-8MGT-128008mm12100
800-8MGT-20 | TP800-8MGT-208008mm20100
800-8MGT-30 | TP800-8MGT-308008mm30100
800-8MGT-50 | TP800-8MGT-508008mm50100
800-8MGT-85 | TP800-8MGT-858008mm85100
840-8MGT-12 | TP840-8MGT-128408mm12105
840-8MGT-20 | TP840-8MGT-208408mm20105
840-8MGT-30 | TP840-8MGT-308408mm30105
840-8MGT-50 | TP840-8MGT-508408mm50105
840-8MGT-85 | TP840-8MGT-858408mm85105
880-8MGT-12 | TP880-8MGT-128808mm12110
880-8MGT-20 | TP880-8MGT-208808mm20110
880-8MGT-30 | TP880-8MGT-308808mm30110
880-8MGT-50 | TP880-8MGT-508808mm50110
880-8MGT-85 | TP880-8MGT-858808mm85110
920-8MGT-12 | TP920-8MGT-129208mm12115
920-8MGT-20 | TP920-8MGT-209208mm20115
920-8MGT-30 | TP920-8MGT-309208mm30115
920-8MGT-50 | TP920-8MGT-509208mm50115
920-8MGT-85 | TP920-8MGT-859208mm85115
960-8MGT-12 | TP960-8MGT-129608mm12120
960-8MGT-20 | TP960-8MGT-209608mm20120
960-8MGT-30 | TP960-8MGT-309608mm30120
960-8MGT-50 | TP960-8MGT-509608mm50120
960-8MGT-85 | TP960-8MGT-859608mm85120
1040-8MGT-12 | TP1040-8MGT-1210408mm12130
1040-8MGT-20 | TP1040-8MGT-2010408mm20130
1040-8MGT-30 | TP1040-8MGT-3010408mm30130
1040-8MGT-50 | TP1040-8MGT-5010408mm50130
1040-8MGT-85 | TP1040-8MGT-8510408mm85130
1064-8MGT-12 | TP1064-8MGT-1210648mm12133
1064-8MGT-20 | TP1064-8MGT-2010648mm20133
1064-8MGT-30 | TP1064-8MGT-3010648mm30133
1064-8MGT-50 | TP1064-8MGT-5010648mm50133
1064-8MGT-85 | TP1064-8MGT-8510648mm85133
1104-8MGT-12 | TP1104-8MGT-1211048mm12138
1104-8MGT-20 | TP1104-8MGT-2011048mm20138
1104-8MGT-30 | TP1104-8MGT-3011048mm30138
1104-8MGT-50 | TP1104-8MGT-5011048mm50138
1104-8MGT-85 | TP1104-8MGT-8511048mm85138
1120-8MGT-12 | TP1120-8MGT-1211208mm12140
1120-8MGT-20 | TP1120-8MGT-2011208mm20140
1120-8MGT-30 | TP1120-8MGT-3011208mm30140
1120-8MGT-50 | TP1120-8MGT-5011208mm50140
1120-8MGT-85 | TP1120-8MGT-8511208mm85140
1160-8MGT-12 | TP1160-8MGT-1211608mm12145
1160-8MGT-20 | TP1160-8MGT-2011608mm20145
1160-8MGT-30 | TP1160-8MGT-3011608mm30145
1160-8MGT-50 | TP1160-8MGT-5011608mm50145
1160-8MGT-85 | TP1160-8MGT-8511608mm85145
1200-8MGT-12 | TP1200-8MGT-1212008mm12150
1200-8MGT-20 | TP1200-8MGT-2012008mm20150
1200-8MGT-30 | TP1200-8MGT-3012008mm30150
1200-8MGT-50 | TP1200-8MGT-5012008mm50150
1200-8MGT-85 | TP1200-8MGT-8512008mm85150
1224-8MGT-12 | TP1224-8MGT-1212248mm12153
1224-8MGT-20 | TP1224-8MGT-2012248mm20153
1224-8MGT-30 | TP1224-8MGT-3012248mm30153
1224-8MGT-50 | TP1224-8MGT-5012248mm50153
1224-8MGT-85 | TP1224-8MGT-8512248mm85153
1280-8MGT-12 | TP1280-8MGT-1212808mm12160
1280-8MGT-20 | TP1280-8MGT-2012808mm20160
1280-8MGT-30 | TP1280-8MGT-3012808mm30160
1280-8MGT-50 | TP1280-8MGT-5012808mm50160
1280-8MGT-85 | TP1280-8MGT-8512808mm85160
1336-8MGT-12 | TP1336-8MGT-1213368mm12167
1336-8MGT-20 | TP1336-8MGT-2013368mm20167
1336-8MGT-30 | TP1336-8MGT-3013368mm30167
1336-8MGT-50 | TP1336-8MGT-5013368mm50167
1336-8MGT-85 | TP1336-8MGT-8513368mm85167
1440-8MGT-12 | TP1440-8MGT-1214408mm12180
1440-8MGT-20 | TP1440-8MGT-2014408mm20180
1440-8MGT-30 | TP1440-8MGT-3014408mm30180
1440-8MGT-50 | TP1440-8MGT-5014408mm50180
1440-8MGT-85 | TP1440-8MGT-8514408mm85180
1512-8MGT-12 | TP1512-8MGT-1215128mm12189
1512-8MGT-20 | TP1512-8MGT-2015128mm20189
1512-8MGT-30 | TP1512-8MGT-3015128mm30189
1512-8MGT-50 | TP1512-8MGT-5015128mm50189
1512-8MGT-85 | TP1512-8MGT-8515128mm85189
1584-8MGT-12 | TP1584-8MGT-1215848mm12198
1584-8MGT-20 | TP1584-8MGT-2015848mm20198
1584-8MGT-30 | TP1584-8MGT-3015848mm30198
1584-8MGT-50 | TP1584-8MGT-5015848mm50198
1584-8MGT-85 | TP1584-8MGT-8515848mm85198
1600-8MGT-12 | TP1600-8MGT-1216008mm12200
1600-8MGT-20 | TP1600-8MGT-2016008mm20200
1600-8MGT-30 | TP1600-8MGT-3016008mm30200
1600-8MGT-50 | TP1600-8MGT-5016008mm50200
1600-8MGT-85 | TP1600-8MGT-8516008mm85200
1760-8MGT-12 | TP1760-8MGT-1217608mm12220
1760-8MGT-20 | TP1760-8MGT-2017608mm20220
1760-8MGT-30 | TP1760-8MGT-3017608mm30220
1760-8MGT-50 | TP1760-8MGT-5017608mm50220
1760-8MGT-85 | TP1760-8MGT-8517608mm85220
1800-8MGT-12 | TP1800-8MGT-1218008mm12225
1800-8MGT-20 | TP1800-8MGT-2018008mm20225
1800-8MGT-30 | TP1800-8MGT-3018008mm30225
1800-8MGT-50 | TP1800-8MGT-5018008mm50225
1800-8MGT-85 | TP1800-8MGT-8518008mm85225
2000-8MGT-12 | TP2000-8MGT-1220008mm12250
2000-8MGT-20 | TP2000-8MGT-2020008mm20250
2000-8MGT-30 | TP2000-8MGT-3020008mm30250
2000-8MGT-50 | TP2000-8MGT-5020008mm50250
2000-8MGT-85 | TP2000-8MGT-8520008mm85250
2200-8MGT-12 | TP2200-8MGT-1222008mm12275
2200-8MGT-20 | TP2200-8MGT-2022008mm20275
2200-8MGT-30 | TP2200-8MGT-3022008mm30275
2200-8MGT-50 | TP2200-8MGT-5022008mm50275
2200-8MGT-85 | TP2200-8MGT-8522008mm85275
2400-8MGT-12 | TP2400-8MGT-1224008mm12300
2400-8MGT-20 | TP2400-8MGT-2024008mm20300
2400-8MGT-30 | TP2400-8MGT-3024008mm30300
2400-8MGT-50 | TP2400-8MGT-5024008mm50300
2400-8MGT-85 | TP2400-8MGT-8524008mm85300
2600-8MGT-12 | TP2600-8MGT-1226008mm12325
2600-8MGT-20 | TP2600-8MGT-2026008mm20325
2600-8MGT-30 | TP2600-8MGT-3026008mm30325
2600-8MGT-50 | TP2600-8MGT-5026008mm50325
2600-8MGT-85 | TP2600-8MGT-8526008mm85325
2800-8MGT-12 | TP2800-8MGT-1228008mm12350
2800-8MGT-20 | TP2800-8MGT-2028008mm20350
2800-8MGT-30 | TP2800-8MGT-3028008mm30350
2800-8MGT-50 | TP2800-8MGT-5028008mm50350
2800-8MGT-85 | TP2800-8MGT-8528008mm85350
3048-8MGT-12 | TP3048-8MGT-1230488mm12381
3048-8MGT-20 | TP3048-8MGT-2030488mm20381
3048-8MGT-30 | TP3048-8MGT-3030488mm30381
3048-8MGT-50 | TP3048-8MGT-5030488mm50381
3048-8MGT-85 | TP3048-8MGT-8530488mm85381
3280-8MGT-12 | TP3280-8MGT-1232808mm12410
3280-8MGT-20 | TP3280-8MGT-2032808mm20410
3280-8MGT-30 | TP3280-8MGT-3032808mm30410
3280-8MGT-50 | TP3280-8MGT-5032808mm50410
3280-8MGT-85 | TP3280-8MGT-8532808mm85410
3600-8MGT-12 | TP3600-8MGT-1236008mm12450
3600-8MGT-20 | TP3600-8MGT-2036008mm20450
3600-8MGT-30 | TP3600-8MGT-3036008mm30450
3600-8MGT-50 | TP3600-8MGT-5036008mm50450
3600-8MGT-85 | TP3600-8MGT-8536008mm85450
4400-8MGT-12 | TP4400-8MGT-1244008mm12550
4400-8MGT-20 | TP4400-8MGT-2044008mm20550
4400-8MGT-30 | TP4400-8MGT-3044008mm30550
4400-8MGT-50 | TP4400-8MGT-5044008mm50550
4400-8MGT-85 | TP4400-8MGT-8544008mm85550